• Worse then four, not as bad as six. I assume you consume other foods during the day, do not know in what quantity, what else you eat, and no idea what your concerns might be.
    • Ice man
      No need for concern, but thank you anyway. I do eat a proper diet and the question was meant to be light spirited. When I'm home, I cook at our local Veteran's Club. The other night I brought home some leftover pie, rather than throw it out and I'm determined to finish it before it goes stale. : )
  • it can't be any worse for you than a Pop-Tart! Is your apple crumble made with oatmeal? that's kind of like oatmeal for breakfast with apples in it right? We can justify this!
    • Ice man
      I don't really care for Pop-Tarts, but yes the crumble is made with oatmeal. So we are in agreement that apple crumble qualifies as a justifiable and possibly healthy breakfast food. There's only one piece left and I'm not sure it will still be in the fridge come morning. C'est la vie. (French for - That's life) : )
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not a big fan of pop tarts either. But apple crumble has to be healthier! Sounds like it's time to make more!
  • The first part of your question sounded serious the second half is you being an idiot. So Google your own answer.
    • Ice man
      If you don't like a question .. just move along and spare us your snarky attitude. Why are you still here anyway ?
    • Lilo Avli
      To entertain me. You two are HILARIOUS !! Get a room already.
  • Eating the crumble is perfectly acceptable. It would be a "bad thing" if you smothered it over your barrelled chest and ran thru a flock of Canadian geese, quietly grazing by the lake, shouting at the top of your voice "Ice Man for President ! Stormy Daniels will be my first lady !" ..
    • Ice man
      You know me so well....
    • Lilo Avli
      If only.
  • It's not. Balance is the key.
    • Ice man
      Very true.
  • Only if like anything else you do so until it becomes gluttony. Otherwise enjoy yourself.

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