• No, but weekly.
  • I still use my checkbook because I am notoriously bad about not recording purchases if I just use my debit card. If I write a check then I record it right after writing the check.
  • No, I don't use a checkbook - I only need one paper check every other week - so I just write out a bunch about once a quarter. I don't bother balancing my checkbook - haven't done it since early 90's... I was never good at doing it regularly anyway. I review money about every other month...
  • Yeah I still use mine but not very often. I do not have a debit card and wont get one because of whar Meg said - I would be terrible at recording when I used it. Mostly I use my credit card but I keep my checkbook too just in case I need it. Plus it helps with the keeping track of my bank account too. I balance my bank account every month when I get the statement.
  • I still use my checkbook to pay bills, but most often I charge everything on credit cards and pay them off at the end of the month. That way I can see exactly what I've purchased and if something is defective, I have a second recourse through my CC company.
  • Never have used a checkbook and never plan to. I go through my finances on a case-by-case basis as is reasonable. Like, if I am about to make any large purchase, I check over my finances in order to make sure I can cover the cost and not be hurt by it. Basically, I have no actual checkbook. I do it all in my head.
  • I did answer this yesterday sometime but my answer got deleted somehow.All I had to say was that the question was to personal and many people won't answer theses type due to the fact there are many people who see theses answers.
  • I rule of thumb I use is balance the checkbook at the end of or the beginning of every month. Also, the bank statement arrives in the mail every three months and this is a good way of proving the cash; match your calculations with what the bank says and see if you have any outstanding checks.
  • I still use my checkbook to write occasional checks. I update it weekly as far as recording all my debits for the week. My husband balances the checkbook but he only does it once every two or three months.

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