• school girl - i went to a catholic school for a while - it was an all day boner-fest
  • Schoolgirl. Ahhhh sweet memories.
  • A french maid outfit with a little bit to short of a skirt and a frilly, lacy pair of panties is the hottest to me. I don't really like the costumes that look like school girl uniforms because I like older Women.
  • On another girl, I enjoy both equally. On myself, the partners usually have me do the schoolgirl routine.
  • School Girl-its the innocense thing
  • At 16 I was sent for about 6 months to a charter HS and we had uniforms. The girls were forced to wear the classic plaid pleated skirts and standard tops. I had been wearing skirts full time for like 2 years before this happened so it wasn't a big deal to me but for some reason the guys at this school were like horny little devils and maybe it was the skirts. I donno... I know that every chance they got they upskirted us and took pictures. My sort of nasty uncle that would sometimes be home when I would come home always looked at me in a very weird way when I'd come home in my skirt. He had molested me many years earlier and I think the skirt was driving him to try it again. Luckily I moved a few months later.
  • Maid outfits are better, the whole school girl thing reminds me of pedophilia. I have dated women who had been incestuously raped as at a very young age. These experiences related to me left me with this feeling of not finding anything relating to adolescent girls sexually attractive.
  • schoolgurl outfit rocks!!!! i like japanese chix with this outfit, especially if they don't have undies
  • Ah, nothing better than getting dressed up as a school girl. Oh, did you mean on my girlfriend?

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