• Yup! If not my local library, the bookstore, or even salvation army.
  • I have before, to the Children's section. :]
  • yes all the time
  • When I moved from Derby,Connecticut to Florida I donated almost all my books to the Derby library. I only brought down the stuff that would fit in 2 cars and I just had too many books.
  • Yes i would. My daughter has donated her books to her grade school's Library.
  • I've done that, but I prefer to go to used book stores and trade them for books I haven't read.
  • All the time... but I'm not sure if they take some for the collection or just sell all of them (very cheaply) at one of the local branches where they have a room for that.
    • mushroom
      I call the librarian first to ask if they're interested in certain types of books. Sometimes a library in another town is happy to have them.
  • We sometimes donate books to our local library, as a way of 'giving back to the community.' I like to buy books and read books to my 2 little girls, and when they grow tired of them I drop them off at the library. We have given many. It's my way of showing my girls that other less fortunate children can benefit from the joys of reading if we "give". And they are learning. My 6 year-old daughter recently remarked, "It's nice to see other kids happy too. Thanks Daddy."
  • Only if it were a crappy book with a crappy storyline. I LOVE collecting books.
  • My wife belongs to a friends of the local library group so we do donate many books at least once a year.
  • Not recently, but I often used to donate books to them.
  • I have and I do. As a matter of fact, our local library itself is donated. It was founded and funded by an Expat. She was amazing and she had one of the most genuine smiles I have ever seen. She was there every single day until she "retired". I am a bookaholic, so I have plenty to donate.
  • I do it all the time, but if not donating to the library, it goes to the charity shop. I mean, if i don't want or need it, i'm sure someone else can make use of it. And why waste?!
  • I have done this. The only books or little tiny library has are donated ones.
  • many many times I have.
  • No. If they added them to the collection I would, but libraries here just sell the book for a dollar...I can do that at used book stores or online....and keep the dollar!
    • Victorine
      That's right. Most donations are sold in second-hand book sales run by libraries to make money (which libraries really need, by the way). They don't go into the permanent collection.
  • No. Libraries here don't add them to the library collection, they go to the book sale, to be sold for about a dollar. Screw that!
  • I tried to donate books to the library, but they refused them. And these were new books, recently published. I can understand not wanting old and used books, but new ones?
  • I have certainly done so for their second-hand book sales. The money goes to their operating funds. However, the public and academic libraries with which I've been associated don't want second-hand books for their permanent collections. They buy new books for those and will accept donations of used books only in the unusual cases of a patron wanting to donate something potentially useful but out-of-print or something special to a library's rare book collection. I own books like that, but they will be remaining in my personal library.
  • Yes, I've done that
  • I have in the past, but now I donate them to a homeless shelter or a thrift store. I've also picked them up and left them in the various waiting rooms at the VA hospital.
  • My local library is loaded with books and they wont' accept any more. Hospitals are the next choice.
  • I've never donated books, but I did donate something even more significant - an MIA bracelet that belonged to one of the local town's residents. I was going to give it back to the family, but the person I contacted said that the only family he had left was a sister who couldn't be located for some reason. We talked and decided that the best place to give it to was the local library/museum. I'm sure they received it and put it on display - it's been quite a few years since. I've been through that town several times but never had the time to stop and see it. 😕
  • They don't want any book donations.

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