• My husband has back problems and i have a degenerate vertabrae in my throat area near the voice box sometimes i get a mild spasm that feels like fingers tightening across the bottom of my jaw/throat and sides of neck. my older sister has Fibromyalgia and for all of us, sleeping on a spring mattress is uncomfortable. my husband and i wake up stiff in the morning, and my sister can't sleep on spring. I have been sleeping on a plush pillow top and always am stiff. i tried a tempurepedic and seemed ok for me and my husband. i have the top of the line.
  • mattress shop if you must, but you both should be seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course mattresses, and PILLOWS are very important, but they will NEVER completely get rid of your back problems!!!!!!!!!! only chiropractic will help you both heal.....and then, you'll REALLY sleep well on your new mattress....whatever you decide to get!!

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