• Gold will always hold it's value, and be usable as money.
  • Gold!! It doesn't depreciate in value like the dollar.
  • I would say gold. It's like set money...every country recognizes it and can be sold for money; maybe some more than others, but nonetheless, it will be money. Gold also has it's place. Money is constantly being manufactured and printed, wheras gold must be found and cannot be reproduced. (Therefore giving it more value)
  • Gold ..since it was 'Mackenna's gold' and not 'Mackenna's Dollars' :P
  • Gold, the standard currency around the world, always has been and always will be for now. Money will loose it's value on a whim in any given country at any given time for the most insignificante reason, where as gold will not.
  • $900 dollars is equal to $900 dollars of gold. It is all relative. What would be the better investment? Short term or long? Right now gold is at a high so it probably wouldn't be that wise to invest in at this point.
  • Money is more valuable than gold. Gold has very limited utility. It can be made into jewelry. It has some use in electronics. It's a good material for dental fillings. It has a few other specialized medical uses. Money, on the other hand, can be used to buy an apple or a zebra or anything in between. The ONLY reason people believe that gold is more valuable than money is because they believe that gold IS money (or a close equivalent). . . .

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