• No. While I don't really have a specific example of when it's a good thing...there are some things that I prefer to be blissfully unaware of.
  • Ignorance breeds hate, confusion, sadness, deceit, death, war, violence, corruption, pain. Almost everything bad in our world can be traced back to ignorance.
  • ignorance is bliss, but not always. ignorance is not bad either always. so it solely depends on circumtances.
  • to an extent no. but when you know that you have ignorance in an area, and you choose to remain ignorant, then you have a problem. this is where it gets sticky, because sometimes you end up learning things that can be painful or hard to swallow - kind of like a "you can't handle the truth" situation. but in the end if you can fix your ignorance, it's probably best to at least try.
  • that is a very good question. because i kind of spend my life in pursuit of knowledge. but given the choice between ignorance and bliss and knowledge and despair-i guess it would depend on the company i was keeping and my ability to impact the situation
  • Ignorance is bliss.........I hate happy people Just kidding, I know in life there are things that I just don't want to know the whole story, so I choose not to learn more about it. But when we are talking just plain old stupidity- it makes me crazy! I have met people who I honestly think are to stupid to be alive as long as they have.
  • When it comes to my kids the more I don't know what they are up too the better. Ignorance is definitely good for my sanity
  • No not at all , were all ignorant until something is taught to us , and some things I like staying ignorant about - + 5
  • ignorance can be bliss sometimes. but ignorance is what generally also leads to hate, bigotry, abuse, war, etc.

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