• Sounds like the ''power relay''. Without a schematic I can't tell you if its a ''stand alone'' component or part of a printed circuit board, probably the latter.
  • Thank you ec-nal for you answer. It was close. Cap 2074 on power supply board went bad. 1hr labor, $3 in parts and everythink is working fine!!
  • Hi I would like tp know if you find help about your lcd. If not, can you sell to me as is. I am looking for lcd screen, my lcd tv make pwr, but my little boy hit and broken. thank you.
  • Thank you. I have a the same Magnavox 37" LCD TV model 37MF231D/37 and it to died on me 1 year and 1 month to the exact day that the warranty expired. There is no blinking power light or anything. It just suddenly died. I was thinking about purchasing a power supply unit for it from for $109. Was it easy to replace the bad CAP? NOTE: There are a lot of people who are having some of the same problems with Magnavox LCD TV's. Check out the complaints filed here:
  • does it matter that radioshack only has axial caps?
  • I just finished this repair to my Magnasux. #2074 replaced with a 35v. Works great. I purchased mine from King electronics because all radio shack has is shyt now days. An axial flow will work, but doesn't fit that well and if your not careful you will cause yourself more problems. Get a radial flow. Also pay attention to +/-, caps don't like to be reversed. I did some math and it specs to be like a 29 volt circuit, no wonder the 25v caps are frying right after the warranty runs out. LOL getting a recall on a chinese TV.
  • I replaced the capacitor on mine and it also works fine now. A bit tricky on doing the soldering, but it can be done. My tv works fine now. I had to go to a special electrical supply store to get the part because Radio Shack did not carry it any more. It took a while to get it done, but it only cost me $2.48 as apposed to $150 fee just to look a the tv + any repairs. If you go to a Magnavox warranty repair shop, they will just replace the part with the same "bad" capacitor so don't bother. It will just break down again in a few months.
  • I found that having a memory stick in the USB programing port on the TV allows me to turn the TV on. Takes about 4 minutes and several try's. Now that I know about the 35Vcap I will purchase and replace. I called the TV repair place Mag hot line suggested. Got the run-around. Said $100 deposit. I said I knew the power supply was bad and needs replace or fix. They said they would replace. How much? The would not say. I asked for the part number and they said they do not know! Now what I am reading on the Ask Web site you have to watch for those shops that are going to take you for a ride. RAMRON
  • I am haveing the same prob I got the part but I don't know where to put it in, do you have a diagram.
  • the capacitor number 2074 is the number on the circuit board. the power supply is the box that has the 110 volt cord plugged into it. 2200uf35 volt is the capacitor you want there cheap and easy to replace, it's probably leaking you'LL SEE THE STUFF OOSING OUT OF IT AND IT WILL BE BULGING. MY TV DID THE SAME THING AND IT FIXED THE PROBLEM WORKS GREAT NOW. this site is great if i hadn"t found this i probably would have bought a new tv. just make sure all the capacitors are discharged so you won't get shocked.

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