• 1. He is still a puppy. Technically chewing, wee in the house, poo, "puppy type" behaviors will continue until he is two human years old. 2. He is male. Males are far more territorial than females and continually (for life) mark their territory. of course as a human being you may find it somewhat offensive that he is marking his territory indoors. 3. You can clean the carpet as much as you want, you will not remove the scent for him that way. This will require lifting the carpet, pulling it back too the area, pulling the pad, replacing the pad and then cleaning and sealing the sub-floor beneath. It if it is concrete you will need an epoxy type paint, extending the paint about 5 feet in radius from "ground zero" If the subfloor is wood (particle board, rough pine, ply wood) then you will need to bleach the area with a solution of 2 cups bleach to a gallon of hot water, mop it on and rinse with clean water, mop it on and rinse again - at least three times, allowing the bleach water to sit about 15 minutes before rinsing. On the final bleaching you need to rinse 3-5 times to remove as much bleach as possible. Let dry completely and use 2-3 coats of regular house paint on the area to seal it. If the floor beneath is hard wood floor you most likely will have to strip off a layer or so of varnish/wax, then bleach, bleach, bleach, rinse rinse rinse, let it dry and seal it with a clear coat 3-6 coats. This way should you or future owners desire hard wood floors it will be relatively easier to refurbish the hardwood floors. You need to remove the scent completely, in order to unmark his territory in that spot. Behavior modification: What I'm about to suggest to you will seem rude and odd, however it works too train young male dogs. Instead of you urinating in the toilet urinate in a jar or bottle. Take that outside WITH the dog and "mark" territory OUTSIDE while the dog watches. A little bit will go a long way. carefully select areas you want the dog to mark, Pour a little bit there. let the dog smell it and he should at least "try" to piddle there. Keep in mind that he is male, thus the target area is higher. Posts, poles, trees make good targets. Females work best with ground spots. This "territory" marking works best if you both do it together. He will smell the area and he will rather quickly figure out that his pack is marking the territory. Of course you will have to keep an eye on him indoors and you might want to "mark territory" a few times together in this fashion. Fresh urine works best. Poo on the other hand should be handled in a different manner. You can train a dog to poo in a specific place. However this is usually not something you need to do together. 1. Decide on the area of your back yard that you want to be mined. Put the dog inside, or in front of the house where he is not watching you. Pick up poo, and dispose of most of it, save a few bits to place in the desired poo location. Next take the dog on a leash to the Poo corner, allow him to sniff and get an idea of whats there. Keep an eye on him and when he looks like he is getting ready to poo take him to the corner. 2. Always leave a bit of poo in the poo area. Never pick-up poo from other locations in the yard while he is watching. He will assume you like to pick up poo and will contribute to your hobby. During the Early training period you will need to watch and correct when he poos in wrong place saying "NO" sternly. However that has to be backed up with words of encouragement and praise when he does the poo thing in the right spot. Rubbing a dogs nose in it is not really a good idea. It is a form of abuse and with the methods I outlined above you can encourage the correct behavior and establish a sense of "pack" or family for the young dog in the ways that dogs learn.

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