• You will find that you must apply for PR from your country of origin. So you may have to plan a trip back to Britain...complete the forms there...and have your interview there. Then there is a wait...but you can return on a visitor permit while you wait. If you want to look for loopholes in the process, consult an Immigration lawyer....or go see a Member of Paqrliament (or his assistant) and they will go over your situation with you.
  • If you find out please let me know!!
  • Your Fiance can sponsor you as a spouse. There are forms and info available on the CIC website It takes around 6 months for the sponsorship application to be processed. Then you have to apply for residency. As the processing times vary depending on the time of year you should consult the website for advice. You'll be eligible for a open work permit whilst the residency papers are being processed. You must apply for this with the spousal sponsorship application. Good luck!

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