• I think across the board, the female of the species is the toughest. They have to survive in order to reproduce and feed the babies.
  • "Superiority" is a complex word. But to make one long story short I'll tell you that no one single creature in Earth is either superior nor inferior to its counterpart.
  • No we are not equal. It is from cave man days. Females are naturally a nurturer. Where men are hunters. chemically we are not equal. Estrogen vs testosterone
  • Women have all the power in the world. They sit on it everyday.
  • There are many reasons why we females are superior. Men are designed to have very specific roles. Most of the time, it is in a supporting role to the females. In some creatures, it is simply to mate, and then the male is no longer needed. As much as guys might not want to hear it, a female life is more valuable than a male one. For example, when we catch or hunt animals as food, we mostly catch or hunt the males. In many cases, it is only leagal to catch the males. Only a few males are needed to keep a species going. If we killed the females, it would quickly kill off the species. The reality is that the females of most cretures are higher on the food chain. Did you know that in the chinese mantis, the female's diet is 65% males? She lures the sex driven males to her and mates with them if she wants to, but eats him if she doesn't want to mate. She is in complete control. Would men consider women inferior if our diet was 65% men? The truth is, even if that were the case, you guys would still want us and risk your life for the chance to get some. I guess that would give a new meaning to that apron that says "Danger, Men Cooking".lol
  • I don't believe that males are better than females or vice versa. Nope!
  • We are equal as human beings. just because we do certain things different does not make one better than the other. Based on physical strength, it would be men (general) and mental strength, it would be women (general). Yes these are generalizations because I meet women that are physically stronger than guys and men who are mentally stronger than women. Not all females are nurturers and not all men are providers.
  • Neither sex is superior, and both have something to offer to the world. Even in a Biblical context, Eve was taken from Adam's rib -- not from his head or toe. Doesn't that make her equal to him?
  • both are equal for one reason. were all human. and one human, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, or anything else, is equal to another human.

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