• I'm sorry to hear your trouble. The vet may be willing to work out a payment schedule. You can try contacting the Humane Society, who may know of some organizations willing to help. If nothing else, I'd take the story public by contacting the newspaper or local news and plead for assistance. Good luck.
  • Snoopy passed away yesterday 1/8/08 a about 3:30pm thanks for your answer and concern, they said he had bad pelvic internal damage and the leg was definitely broken but there was really nothing to do about the insides, it was so damaged, I just asked them to put him to sleep instead of harboring and touching him constantly, he was howling so much in pain, so sad! I don't want another pet! I felt like I let him down. We had him cremated and will now start our morn process as he was born four days after my son and we always joked him as the twin brother. So he was part of our family!

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