• That would be so satisfying, but it would end up hurting everybody but the person I would want it to.
  • There was a really snobby girl in the 5th grade who dumped milk into my backpack. The next day I "tripped" near her and spilled an entire packet of red kool-aid in her hair. Of course... the first thing she tried to do was wash it out... *evil grin*
  • I tend to forgive and forget quickly and have never thought of revenge as an option I would use.It is probably because I believe in Karma.
  • I got the ultimate revenge on an ex who used to abuse me and cheated on me with some tramp, so i proceeded to let him think all was ok, made him think i wanted to have sex with him got him naked and chucked him out in the street with nothing but his socks on and i locked the doors, then i got some fresh chilli's and cut them in half and removed the seeds and then rubbed hem all over the crotch of every single pair of his boxers ha! I know it sounds really horrible but when you throw someone whi is carrying your child through a window i think its fair
  • Several years ago I helped a friend get revenge of sorts on her ex, who wouldn't return her diamond nose ring. We snuck up during the night and took a tire off of his van and hid it elsewhere in town. (It's a small town, so no one else found it.) He eventually figured it all out, though, and actually thought it was funny.

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