• It's the boogie man.
  • freddy Kruger is cummin 4 ur back!! lol
  • I've always heard it means someone walked over your grave. Just another one of those silly things like...If your palm itches you're going to get money. If your nose itches someone has a hole in their pants. If a broom falls over you're having company...
  • Death just touched you. LOL, at least that's what Ive heard, and also, someone just walked over your grave. :) Take your pick!
  • When are exactly where you are meant to be at that specific time, maybe it's a sixth sense thing? Must be some scientific reason behind it, of course...
  • house haunted?
  • your body just wants to warm itself up a little bit..which is exactly what shivers do
  • Ghosts
  • It could be a number of things... 1) do you have a good posture or do you slouch? if you slouch it could be you body telling you to straighten up because your damaging your back. 2)haunted house anyone died recently? you could possibly have someone following you a guardian angel if you will, they could just be telling you there there? do you feel safe or relaxed after these chills or do you feel freaked? freaked? could be a bad ghost, my freind is a medium you dont need no preist to get rid of it the next bad chill you get a simple F**K off tends to do the trick. 3) feeling the cold? could simple being your body warming up. 4)Annoyed a wicca or warlock lateley? (if you belive in that stuff) could be cursed a simple trinity necklace will rid you of any hexs. 4)Does it happen when your soothed and the chilling? then its just simply your muscles relaxing. 5) well we all get the odd chill i get it we all get it but if you think its somthing more than whative said above see a doctor if thats no help try talking to a spiritualist there good at this stuff even if its nothing spiritual they could always do healing.
  • Michael Jackson is behind you
  • Your afraid I am going to leave.
  • Some scaaaaaaryyy reeeeasonnn!
  • most people believe that when a ghost is standing beside you the energy of it is feelable. sometimes it can feel like a cold chill running down your spine or hair on arms standing up on end.
  • Is this Danny Zuko again? I told you, it's Mandy's fault.
  • Old wives tale. Someone has just walked across your grave.
  • doesn't it feel great? to me it feels like a wave of energy surging through my body... ooh, just had one. I think it is nerves calibrating to eachother... TOTALY UNTESTED THEORY.

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