• thats good, wish i could say the same sometimes
    • Linda Joy
      So sometimes you do and sometimes you don't?
  • Though a righteous person may indeed get knocked down seven times he will still rise again.
  • Like a weeble! : ) Remember those?
    • Linda Joy
      I do! (Smiling)
  • 9-11-2017 I knock down a beer now and then.
  • What option do we have in life? You only have one of them, you make it or you . . yeah, what else? Oh yes, blame everyone possible for making you a failure.
    • Linda Joy
      There's always a choice. The alternative in this situation would be to stay down.
    • Qagidi
      Yip, that's what so many do as they turn sour, bitter and twisted. Yuk!

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