• Honestly, I think I would. I need sex.
  • If that were a dealbreaker for me, I would let her know. Cheating is a childish and selfish way to act on this. If her reasons are religious, then this sounds like an incompatability problem.
  • If you love her, you should break up with her if you need a sex life. Cheating will come back to hurt your relationship in the future, could endanger your sexual health (and your girlfriend's, when she DOES decide she's ready for sex). Having sex with someone else will only compromise your current relationship. Show her the respect of breaking up before pursuing sex elsewhere.
  • I like the first answer. And yes, cheating is childish and selfish. If you married your girlfriend would she sleep with you? If yes, maybe you should marry her.
  • I wouldn't cheat, but I might leave her. But I think that if abstinence was a problem in the relationship, you wouldn't make it to 2 years anyway.
  • What the hell? No. I would never cheat. If she doesn't want sex right now you either leave her with both your prides intact, or you accept that she just doesn't want to have sex. Cheating is never the answer. Oh yeah, and the thought of cheating and putting it out there like this, just shows me that you don't love her like you say you do.
  • If she is not fulfilling your needs, don't cheat, that is dishonest and disrespectful, either notify her about the issue or leave.
  • I am sorry but I do not have enough information, I dont know your age. I would say if your girlfriend is not meeting your sexual needs then you need to talk to her tell her the problem and see where that leads....
  • I knew my husband-to-be for almost 4 years with no sex, but then again, I was a virgin and we wanted to wait till we married. Some things are just worth waiting for:-) And what is cheating going to do for you? Just prove tht you aren't worthy of having integrity and loyalty.
  • I think after conversation and communication to find out the reasoning behind the no sex, then you need to decide whether you want to stay in this relationship. cheating is not the answer. either stay or go.
  • Why can't you just spank it?
  • You should decide whether or not you want to be a virgin when you marry. If you are headed toward marriage then why not wait? I know it's frustrating, but this is what the Bible asks us to do. Perhaps you and your GF should talk and move the marriage date up. If it turns out that you really aren't interested in marriage at this time then you should break up. The real purpose of "dating" should be to find a suitable marriage partner. As soon as you both know that marriage is not in the cards you should break up and start looking for someone else. I am a widow and I am seeing a widower. We have been doing activities and dinner together for several months. We are both "experienced" healthy adults. But we will wait until holy matrimoney makes it proper for you to make love. Take life seriously. Life is not a gag. Read your Bible
  • Yes! Go for it. What is she holding out for? Does she think these are old fashioned days? What does she expect of you? Go out, have fun, and don't call it cheating. In fact, I would tell her that you're going out with other women. If she isn't attracted to you enough that by now she hasn't jumped you and taken you to bed, either she has no sex drive or she isn't interested in you.
  • Cheat, no. Discuss the whole relationship with her, yes. It sounds like it's time for one of those heart to heart talks that so many guys dread. Finding out what the issues are and discussing where you both really would like the relationship to go from this point on, is a good start. The next thing to do is find out how much the relationship means to either of you, especially if you seem to have different points of view in a long-term relationship.
  • i don't think cheating is ever the answer, there is nothing worse than the feeling you get when someone has been cheating on you. either you want to be with her or you don't and if you want to be with her maybe you should be talking to her about the no sex thing. if you don't want to be with her then stop stringing her along and break it off now.

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