• I wish I knew. I got frustrated and quit because I couldn't figure it out either.
  • its is like a secondlife you canget a job witch is very low paying but you can also start any kind of buisnees to make lots of money depending on the amount of people yousing your land there are different setups one i know is if you have a public place you get money for the amount of people comeing there but usually pepeol spend money on improving bussiens or transfering it into real life cash just try to have fun at first use search to find bars and club or other places meet some people who can help you out and explian this better than me:) i would help but i dont have the computer capabilities to download SL like i used to thanks
  • I have never worked in Second Life. I play to have fun not work. I would rather work in RL, and buy L$ on the Lindex. I wouldn't work for a dollar an hour in RL, I wouldn't do it in SL either.

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