• No, my wife gets really upset.
  • Boyfriend is just that...boyfriend...not a no would not expect that at all.
  • Maybe not every day. At least every two/three days though.
  • calling preferably once a day. but no need of texting everyday lol
  • Yes, but I don't expect it, he just does it willingly. If I don't get a call or text one day, I know something's wrong.
  • God no. How annoying.
  • He used to all the time before he went to iraq. Now its whenever he can get online (has laptop in qaurters) and the occansinal phone call which most of the time i can barely hear.
  • I don't have no boyfriend, man -- but if I wanted to talk to them, I would call them. And if they don't want to talk to me then, they should say so.
  • I don't know. All my boyfriends always have done...but I wonder whether it's a little cumbersome to feel you have to text your girlfriend/boyfriend everyday regardless of whether there's anything to say. What if it's a long term relationship? Two years...730 days of 'hows u' or 'u hv a gd day?' can get a bit wearing but once started it's a hard habit to break without either side getting offended. It's lovely at the beginning of a relationship. It's not that I don't want to hear from my boyfriend every day, he's witty and good laugh, I just don't like being stuck in the position of, 'well, neither of us particularly wanted this correspondance, so what do I say in reply.' Valid problem?
  • Well If you Like Being Appritiated Then Yeah But I Am Not Bovvered!
  • Good question, I expect him to call or text me everyday. If we're knocking boots then I want to hear from him. Thats just me. I'm not one of those people that expect a call every 5 minutes cuz thats freakin annoying, I won't call either. But I do like to know that he's thinking about me every now and then.
  • He doesn't, but I'd like him to if I hadn't called/texted him yet. I want to be sure he is ok.
  • Yes I do. I want him to be thinking of me. If he doesn't call, I feel like I'm not important. Luckily, he does call!
  • Once he did not call/text me for three days and I got upset. When we finally talked again, I told him how I felt and since then, we have been communicating everyday. I don't expect an hour talk on the phone everyday, just that even several text messages on some days is okay, though i still prefer hearing his voice over the phone. =)
  • No. Expectations lead to disappointments. It's much easier just to go with the flow.

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