• not sure
    • Wakko
      I think you're holding out on us. :P
    • Linda Joy
      LOL! I missed you, man!
    • Wakko
      aww, gimme kiss!
  • Why are bread jokes always funny? Because they never get mold! xD
    • Linda Joy
      {{{{GONG! }}}}
    • Wakko
      DAMMIT! *walks offstage with head hung low* xD
  • To kill any harmful bacteria in the milk...I only do it when I make natural yeast leavened bread.
    • Linda Joy
      I figured as much. Some of the recipes are from before the time when milk was pasteurized. Does natural yeast leavened bread mean you catch wild yeast?
    • Azlotto
      Yes...This is a good video on the subject:
  • Now I am thinkin of cornbread and milk. Or corn-pone and milk. 😍

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