• yes and i am very afraid
  • i would be surprised if there is not a dirty bomb in the US within the next 18 months
  • I have no doubt. The only question is where and when. I do not buy the fact that Iran's nuclear program is for peacful purposes. If they don't already have the capabilities I am sure they are agressivly seeking the capabilities to enrich weapons grade urnainium. When that does happen if it hasn't already happened my guess is they will use it against Israel.
  • Yes, and I think it will happen in the Middle East. This reminds me of a quote by Albert Einstein: "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
  • As long as Bush is in office, I'd say there's a very good chance that nuclear (or, as Bush says, nu-cu-lar) weapons will be used. Hopefully, he will be stopped from doing so.
  • I don't know about the near future but anything that can happen will eventually happen (or happen again).
  • asweetguy, what is the "purpose" of the US's nuclear programme? Is it for "peaceful purposes"? Those that defend the possession of nuclear weapons, often say "they stopped wars", or "they save lives". If that is so, what then is wrong with Iran having a device that "deters war", and "saves lives"?
  • I dont understand why all the answers are yes- if anyone dares to use Nuclear weapons many countries would gang up on them in fear of being nuked themselves.
  • I think that it is a serious possibility that should be taken into account and have plans put in place to try and stop most of the damage should one be detonated near a civilian population. It is becoming increasingly easy for people to get hold of the materials required to construct such a device, and the knowledge of how to construct and detonate them is everywhere for everyone to know; you just need to look. Therefore it has become a very important part of several of the more powerful countries that they police the trade of such materials, reacting with as much force as is necessary to stop them falling into the wrong hands. If you knew how powerful we can build these things nowadays, you'd honestly prefer to have a war with guns and missiles than a terrorist attack with fusion bombs. I went and worked out the damage radius of a large warhead a while back; go to a world map, find Australia, and look at the small island beneath it (Tasmania) - ONE bomb can turn that whole island to radioactive dust (this would have to be the largest bomb ever built and detonated, but it is within our technological grasp given the right amounts of the right materials). ***** It's safe to say that none of the main countries currently in possession of nuclear weapons would use them first (USA, Britain, etc) since they are the leading figures in stopping their proliferation, and we should all be very supportive indeed of their efforts to stop the trafficking of nuclear materials to dangerous people... I don't think they will be used, but it is a very real possibility.
  • I hope not.
  • There is a high probabitity that with all the tension in the world some country will let fly with the nukes, but theres also a good chance they won't because every country with the ability to do so knows using nukes will almost certainly start WWIII. Which would lead to the nucular winter and then the fall of modern society and a good portion of all life.Not to be a prophet of doom or anything but if any country starts a nucular war... we will probably all die.
  • Well its not like they're there to be space-heaters
  • I sure hope not. If one person uses it, then every country that has them will and that will be the end of life as we know it.
  • Define "near future"? I think it will happen but not for a few years.
  • Yes. I have been saying that we will know Iran has developed nuclear weapons when a mushroom cloud rises over Tel Aviv... and we will know for sure that Israel has them when one rises above Tehran.
  • so all is lost?
  • No. To use Nuclear Weapons benifits no one nation because it would cause mass retaliation from other parties and ultimatly bring about a global holocaust. The events of WW2 encouraged those countries who later developed nuclear weapons in the 70's onwards to engage in face to face diplomacy rather than the use the nuclear weapons and bring about a global demise
  • Yes within 20 years a terrorist will get one.
  • It's not nuclear weapons that concern me but biological weapons.
  • Yes but it will probibly be a dirty bomb from a dumb ass terrorist.
  • yes, unfortunately, its inevitable...within the next few years
  • Yes, the Iranians are very likely to use them if they are allowed to develop them.
  • I seriously doubt that nuclear weapons will be used as part of an initial attack on anyone by any NATION. This is because the retaliation would be pretty much unified by most of the remaining nations AGAINST the aggressor and would probably result in complete decimation of that nation's government. (By the way...for all nations except the superpowers, this can be easily done WITHOUT nuclear retaliation.) This means that the use of nuclear weapons by organizations NOT specifically and overtly aligned with a given nation is far more likely. You can read this to mean terrorist organizations of all kinds. Their power base isn't directly associated with a national power structure that can be easily targeted. And, in fact, they may sacrifice another nation's credibility in an attack just to justify their means. However, since their weapons supplies are even MORE limited than a nation with reapect to nuclear weapons, retaliation with nuclear weapons would be unlikely as well, given the world wide support AGAINST the aggressor which will result. There MIGHT be a limited exchange between the targeted people/nations and the nations the terrorists would sacrifice for their cause.
  • I think that the Iranians would use nuclear weapons against Israel if they are allowed to develop the bomb,and if attacked Israel would retaliate likewise.Iran like the old Iraq is a tinderbox in the middle east and the west must keep a close eye on the ball.
  • Do I think that someone's going to "push the red button" and let the missiles fly? No. There aren't any nations left that threaten our survival to the degree the USSR did back in the 70's-80's. Do I think a smaller nuclear bomb will be detonated? Probably. India and Pakistan will no doubt remain pissed at each other, and someone is eventually going to vent their frustration in a mushroom cloud. Or, frankly, any one of the Middle Eastern nations (Israel, Iran, etc.) is a plausible candidate for developing and deploying a nuclear bomb.
  • yes i had a few very bad dreams on this, yes i think there will be wars with nukes...
  • Definately somebody will use it. The spread of Nuclesr weapon is now beyond control. China and North Korea are transfering technology to contries like Pakistan is now open secrate.The people like A.Q.Khan (Pakistan)are spreading technology for very little benifit. It is foolish to assume that the technology will always go in mature hands.

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