• It's probably the RSA.
  • According to "Africa's highest resort seems to be Tiffendell in South Africa, which also boasts the highest pub at 2720m (though more info was hard to come by on the Morocco station of Oukaimeden, which has lifts up to 3268m!)" Tiffendell is located in southern Drakensberg. For more information, see
  • It's in Morocco: Oukaimeden is Africa's highest ski resort, its village sitting at 2,600m and its chairlift rising to 3,258m – the peak of Jebel Attar.
  • In fact, it does snow in Africa at high elevations. Kilimanjaro has long been crowned by a cap of snow and ice, though it has been shrinking. Skiiers travel for natural and manufactured snow in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria, as well as a few spots in South Africa and Lesotho.Dec 22, 2016

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