• I would suggest you take a shower with him, and keep the bathroom door closed until you are finished. Then clean up the bathroom. Hubby used to do it all the time with our dog, and I was the one who cleaned up, but I didn't mind.
  • If your dog doesn't like to get in the tub, place some dog treats in the water. This always gets my dog to jump right in. I also put on of her favorite toys in with her.
  • Try the shower, either way your......... soaked. No kidding it works!
  • To me this sounds like a two person job. One to hold the dog in the tub and the other to scrub the dog and rinse the dog off.
  • Get ready to get wet, lock the bathroom door, have lots of treats, a bunch of towels, blow dryer and a sense of humor.
  • Make sure you have lots and lot of towels on hand...
  • have a big bottle of wine'll need it afterward.
  • I've owned a St. Bernard...good luck you'll need it.
  • Plenty of persuasive tricks. Do it when the poor dog is sleepy and bribe him with doggie treats I suppose. That is quite a load to manage there.
  • as 'yarnlady' suggested have a shower with him/her... if they see your wet it makes them feel a little bit better I know it sounds strange but it works ... and talk to them, it helps to take their mind of things
  • Do what I do with my 120 pound the 25 bucks to the pet store to bathe him. If that's not an option get him in the tub BRFORE you start the water, make sure he has his leash and collar on. Work quickly and have PLENTY of will get wet and bruised so make sure you check your ego at the bathroom door and don't forget to laugh :)
  • I just soap down the pup & the pitch a ball or stick into the river or swimming pool & let them swim there self clean. I guess if you live in a town or city & have not a pool or river or lakes like I have here on the farm. You could always go to the auto car wash & give it a try. One thing about it. There you & the little pup's hair will always come out bright & shiny. I know because my boss once turned the system on when I was trying to clean out the pit in it. With that hot wax, my hair stayed shiny for weeks. Really tho I would say play with the dog there in your bath tub. You may need to get in with it just to keep it from trying to leave. Then just pet & rub down the pup with a cloth & let it learn that that cloth is not going to bring it harm. Then use a pan of soapy water with the same cloth. For if you try turning on the water with the dog in the tub you may just scare it. So just use a pan already full of warm soapy water. After a few times the dog should not be feared of the area. A lot has to do with the breed of the dog & the atmosphere around it. Any loud noises may cause problems. Some dogs like Golden Retrievers love to play in water. Others tho are not quite as easy to get near water. Just take time and be patient, for it takes practice. And a whole lot of patients.....Good Luck.....M.C.S.
  • I have three dogs over 100 lbs. We give them all baths in the tub with the shower massage thingie that has a hose. We keep the door shut and let them shake off with a towel over them in the bathroom. Then we rub them down really good. One day I'd like a heated mudroom with an area for dog baths (kinda like the area to dump a mop bucket in the janitor's closet at school!).
  • throw a couple of chuncks of beef in the warm tub and once he's in- go for it.
  • I purchased the largest plastic storage box I could find. I put it in the basement over a drain and put on old clothes. Run a garden hose to the laundry tub and adjust for warm water. Use a garden nozzle and have fun.
  • go to dog n' suds and save your home.
  • if you get a warm day, wet him down, sud him up and rinse him off- outside.
  • a wet suit
  • I shower with my 90lb Boxer! It really works! He hates it but, I have no other choice!
  • Okay I know you are going to think I am crazy but here it goes... I have a 110 pound rotty at home and the only way I can give him a bath is to bring him in the shower with me... I move the head of the shower around to get him totally wet, wash him up and than rinse him off... turn off the shower with both of you still in the tub and dry him (and yourself) off before you open that curtain...
  • If you plan on doing it often, get a Booster Bath! You will never regret it:-) You won't get soaking wet. Your back will not ache and you can do a better job and do it more often in comfort.
  • Carwash in a convertable?

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