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  • It doesnt mean you passed but it does mean you drank a heck of a lot of water before taking your test :P
  • it means that you don't have to flush because no one will notice.. "Its whatever yo"
  • If you drank enough water for your urine to be purely clear, no marijuana would have showed up in your test, your urine would have been so diluted that they can't test for anything. Many tests though have a specific gravity portion, which tests to see if your piss is enough different from just water. So if your piss was clear they may say it was untestable and make you re-test. Your best bet for future tests is to drink water until your urine is clear and then take a vitamin-B pill to darken your pee. This will make your pee dark to pass the specific gravity portion of your test but still keep you diluted enough so they can't test for marijuana.
  • no not nessesarily for it only proves that you have been drinking alot of fluid. the best way to know if you will pass a urine test is to calculate how much and how long and what we are trying to conceal. a guarantee from all substances is a month clean time. like for example the most used and relativley least harmful thc stays in you the longest.and of the others they clear up in 14 21days.

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