• To fall into water means financial stress, but the water factor and condition must also be considered. Water symbolizes emotions (rough, smooth, clear, murky, etc.). Freud thought that since fluids are involved in sexual activities, at times, water in dreams has sexual connotations. River rapids or crashing surf implies rough times on the horizon.Uncontrolled water will often create a sense of unease for a dreamer. Raging rivers, rapids and lakes without borders often reflect being out of control of one's circumstances. Being underwater can be a potentially threatening experience, as with drowning. However, it can just be the place you are, mixing with the other dream characters. Dreams of this nature may be wish-fulfilment, especially if you enjoy swimming and spending time in water. It may also be a desire for escape from the more mundane experiences of land-locked living. Perhaps the most interesting effect of underwater dreams is when the appearance of the dream environment seems as if it is underwater even when it is not. People may be moving in slow motion, you may feel particularly buoyant, or there may be aquatic life intermingled with the above-water scenery. In dreams of this type, the dreamer may be feeling a need to escape or slow down the pace of life in order to observe the circumstances more accurately. If you have been underwater in a dream, recall if it was a "normal" environment for you, or if were you nervous in the situation.
  • Nothing. Dreams are not crystal balls. Dreams are abstract and symbolic and hardly ever mean what you see.
  • Wet dreams are common at a younger age.

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