• A father is the one who loves the child and helps raise her. Biology has little to do with it. You are her father. She trusts you so much.
  • I see nothing wrong with it if you both feel it's right.
  • I don't think so! Not unless you legally adopt her (Which means that her biological father has oficially given her up).
  • As long as you are committed to being there for her, it's absolutely fine. She obviously loves you back and needs a daddy. Just be sure to be her dad, even if things go sour with her mom someday!
  • We are each born with 2 basic truths in our life and I see those truths as being who your mother and father are. I don't think anyone has the right to directly or indirectly confuse a child about that or to deny them the very truth of their existence and birthright by placing labels where they do not belong. Every child wants a daddy, but every child needs the truth.
  • you ask a question here's an opinion i guess: she should know her biological roots, as should anybody. but it takes a real man to be a daddy, and if you can do that for her and she still knows that you're her daddy because you love her not because you have to, then i think that makes the relationship or bond even stronger as long as you commit to being there for her. but i think you're doing a good thing for being there for her.
  • I think if you plan on being there and marrying her mother, yes, it's a wonderful thing. But it may just raise her hopes up and then leave her feeling desolate again if another 'father' leaves her, walks out of her life.
  • As long as the woman you are living with agrees with this label I dont see why not. And if you are committed to this child you should talk to the father and see if he will give up parental rights and then you can adopt her!!
  • I wouldn't worry at all about disrespecting the absent father, if he were concerned about who his daughter was calling daddy then he would be sure to be more prominent in her life so that she wouldn't be confused. I think that if you believe that you have a lasting relationship with her mother and you are doing all you can do for her children and you are genially involved in their lives then there shouldn't be any reason that she shouldn't call you her dad. If you do assume this role just remember that you will become a major role in the spiritual growth of this child. I think it is a very noble position to assume
  • Just don't break the child's heart later by leaving them, if you really love the kid. Until the relationship becomes permanent, you should have her call you by your name, but you can still treat her with love no matter what she calls you.
  • I have a similar situation that you are involved in and I have mixed feelings of how to handle mine? I have been in this relationship and living with her for nearly a year and a half and one of her children relates to me as a daddy figure and this seems to fast for me and this poses a friction between the mother and I because I am not too comfortable with that title yet because of the time frame. I care for her children and love them but I cannot see me as the daddy figure because of the time that I feel needs to be alloted for these children to realize who dad really is and so that there is no misunderstandings and broken hearts? I feel that time is a factor here..can you please shed some light on this lost soul? I need help before I lose the chance to be happy and allow myself to give in return?
  • Yes, someone has to be there for the children! My son has a father who hardly sees him and calls my new husband daddy. Every child needs to belong.
  • She obviously feels compelled to call you dad...I'd let her. I'm glad it doesn't bother you. I know a guy who's had his step dad in his life since he was a very small child and has never even met his real father...he never calls his step dad DAD, only Ed. So that is a real complement to you.
  • i would let her call you daddy since youre technically her daddy now anyways

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