• I'm certainly no mechanic, but judging by the warning you got, and the fact tat the light that is on is the ABS warning light, I'm going to say you've a problem with the brake system. Maybe there's no brake fluid, maybe the pedal is no longer connected to the brakes, maybe there is a mechanism designed to protect you by preventing the car from starting when the brakes don't work. It sounds like the car has recognised there is a serious problem with the brakes, and has deemed itself unsafe to drive, thus immobilising itself. An annoyance perhaps, but one that may have saved your life. I would recommend getting it towed to a garage or the dealers to get the problem sorted immediately. Driving with no brakes, even if you could get the car started, is not recommended!
  • Your best advice comes from ChrisDG. If it was me I would call to get it towed to where ever you get your car worked on and get it repaired properly so it would be safe to drive.

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