• Good for U, Bad for U! Sorry, Unless U "Roll Ur Own" U can't even Look at "Brains" anymore!!! (FDA / Dept. of Agriculture, Yada, Yada...)!!! The Procedure is simple, just Soak them in salt water refrigerated overnight & then "Peel the "Membrane" from them. Slice like a piece of "Meatloaf", season some flour & Dredge in Flour. Use "Bacon Grease to "Pan Fry" until "Golden". Eggs is up to U. Enjoy! John
  • Is this what you are looking for? Apparently, in the southern states you can buy "pork brains in milk gravy" in a can. Can't say that I'm gonna run out and buy some to try. But I hope you enjoy. :)
  • You can buy brains at Krogers, walmart's and other food store's Once you obtain the brains take and remove any excess membrane and pieces of bone, then place in skillet and add 1 cup of water bring to boil till brains turn a gray color, drain water and place brains back into skillet and add 1/2 stick of butter and saute ,then beat 6 eggs and add to brains and mix together and scramble till done , salt and pepper to taste.

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