• The great thing about writing poetry is that it makes you really think about something. For example, to write a poem about winter you would close your eyes and think about what winter means to you. Does it snow where you live? Is that your favourite part of winter - and if so, what about it? Think about when you were little - what got you excited about winter? Or if you really hate winter, why? Think about the exact feeling and any smells, sights, tastes and sounds that go with it. Then you just think of the poem as a tiny story about how you feel about winter, and describe each of those little moments or experiences. Not so bad after all. Enjoy! :) PS if you need some inspiration, check out
  • Winter, what a frigid testy bitch
  • a snowy path i walked enjoying soft that like a snowflake's titillates til a sorry man with eyebrows grim i did see and he wrought The Reason for the Season upon me so that my joy was thus melted by the breath of an empty god's wrath. -napoleonbag
  • 1. try to write the poem first without using any adjectives, and then go back and add any you feel are absolutely necessary 2. check out the poems of Robert Frost, who loved winter 3. write what you know 4. ignore any of the above you passionately wish to ignore
  • maybe you could write about a favourite winter you had, when you was a child. i find writing poems about things that have happened to me quite easy because its all from my memeories.
  • If you're struggling with a poem on a particular subject try to look at it differently. You've been asked to write a poem about winter - does that necessarily mean snow and ice? What about winter in the desert? And where it's winter in the northern hemisphere, it's summer in the southern. Write about winter somewhere else (on the moon?) - you can use your imagination then. Try and think of good combinations of words to describe what you see in your imagination - poems are made of words, so you have to think of the words all the time.
  • A few ideas. - Use memories. Think of a specific winter in your past, try to mentally transport yourself back there and remember how it felt, smelt, looked, sounded. It helps if you pick an event that happened that winter - maybe it was something major - like getting hit by a car that skidded on ice, maybe it was just a snowball fight with your brother when you were six. Write about that event - but bring in some of the "wintery" details you remember (such as the squeaky sound of compacted snow on your gloves, or your brother's nose being bright red.) - Use history. Read up about some significant events in history that happened in winter where the weather or season played a significant role. It needn't be anything major - find out what farmers used to do in winter in days gone by. - Pick something very, very small. A detail of winter - look around you. Maybe it's a footprint in the snow, blood from a cut finger dripping onto ice. Eating satsumas at Christmas. An old lady slipping on the ice. Write a poem that just describes that tiny thing in detail. For a good winter poem - have a read of "Snow" by Louis MacNeice.
  • winter is something wonderful that I miss, the noise,sweat and heat can get you pissed, Snow flakes gently falling from the sky, God in heaven don't let it pass me by.
  • OMG I absolutely HATE poetry.........why not just write in as prose and be done with it.....seems to me anyone can write a poem; no big deal...... oh!!! here's one on winter..... frosty air hits me in my face and eyes frosty air coats the trees in a sheen of ice. how I wish ol' winter's sting would quickly go away. so that I may smile and see the sun some other, brand new day!! I JUST MADE THAT UP OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.....and it's not better or worse than some of the poetry you see all around...... I LOVE TO READ and love books, etc.....but poetry? gimme a break!! anyway, have fun with it; use it for ideas, etc.. and when you do it in your class,s or hand it in to the teacher, think of a guy in Columbus OH smirking over the 'great god almighty world of poetry'......GIMME A BREAK!! LOL ;-D
  • 8-13-2017 Roses are red * Violets are purple * Sugar is sweet * So is maple surple

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