• I am not sure about allergies to stones, but usually the stones do not touch your skin. Metals that you should try are high-grade steel, titanium, platinum, or jewelry that states it is hypoallergenic. Stay away from cheaper items, as you get what you pay for in terms of metal grade. Nickel is what most people are allergic to, and nickel can be found in a lot of jewelry! It is usually mixed with gold or silver because we cannot wear pure gold or silver. Look for gold or silver which is mixed with palladium. Another option is to have your jewelry coated with rhodium, which is temporary so it has to be re-applied once or twice a year.
  • well i really dont have allergies but if i wear fake earings it irritates my ears so i try to stck with real stuff
  • avoid the cheap stuff. gold is the best for sensitive skin. silver is a pretty risky metal so you might want to wear controlled amounts.
  • and the 'fake' ones can discolor your skin...

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