• First I would call animal control, and see what they could do. If it persisted I would call the police to at least get a report filed, even if they could do nothing more. If I felt the safety of my family was at risk, I would start with nonlethal means, such as motion sensor activated sounds playing at the property edge etc. If that didn't fix the problem, then I would take lethal action against any wildlife that would put my family in danger.
  • Actually there have been reports over the years of Coyotes in the area that I live in. A few years ago the mayor's poodle was attacked and killed. The state sent agents to try and capture them. But weren't able to locate them. They must have just been passing through.
  • Nothing as this happens a lot around here. My family are raised to be hunters and we go out looking for animals like this. We just be extra cautious and remember that the animal is more afraid of you then you are of them.
  • I'd keep my pets inside and do my best to be cautious and alert. The thing is, it's not my land. I'm just living there, same as the animals.
  • Keep a close eye on them. I would not want to harm the animals in any way. They were here first.. :)
  • I've lived around each... I can tell you that as long as you respect their territory, and keep a very close eye on your children, they will typically not bother you. The most important thing to do, in any territory, is to regularly "check six" (Pay attention and watch behind you). Now, If I happened to need a new critter skin rug in front of the fireplace, I might give you a different answer. Bearskin is pretty cool, you know!
  • I understand all that about respecting the animal and that they are 'more afraid of me', but I would say we're probably even in that regard. I would certainly not want to sneak up on a bear with it's young or a hungry cougar. If I was in a situation that I could closely watch all my property and animals then so be it. But I have horses and that is not always possible. SO in all likelihood I would respect them and admit defeat...then move!
  • I would take whatever action necessasy to protect my family. I don't think wolves pose any threat to humans, but if there was a pack of them in the neighborhood, I'd never let them threaten my horses, dogs or cats. A grizzly? Dead. Mountain lion? Dead. Can anyone seriously argue it's ok to have something around that could eat your children? Don't think so.
  • I live in Grizzly country and have had face to face encounters with Grizzlies. One I actually bumped in to as he was trying to dig under my house at night to get at the dog food stored under there. I can't count the black bear encounters I have had and several mountain lion encounters. I have no desire to kill any of those animals but we don't run around unarmed. You just have to use common sense. Generally they will run if they see you but you need to be prepared in case they don't. Another one people don't generally think of but is actually more agressive and just as dangerous is a bull moose. They attack or attempt to attack more people in my area than bears. This is extremely rural mountain area and I wouldn't think of going out hiking without a large bore handgun or rifle. I've had way too many encounters. I wouldn't want to kill one and haven't yet but if it comes down to me or Mr. Bear I'm not taking any chances, If he charges He's going to have some holes in him.
  • I would probably build a strong fence or barrier around my house.
  • Good question! I'd probably buy a rifle and learn how to use it! The fence is a good idea too.
  • I would probably just leave them alone, but if they started to become a problem I would call animal control.
  • We wear a bear whistle in the spring. All the kids have one and they blow it when they are going around a blind corner.We all drive dirt bikes and four wheelers out here so if something happens and they are stuck walking back home at least we know that the animals can hear them coming and get out of thier way.My sons face was priceless when he came in one day and said I just saw a bear on the trail. The bear sat there and watched till he went by. He was 11.Now 12.
  • I would shoot of course to protect my family but I haven't found it necessary. We live in the country and have grizzlys, wolves, coyotes, and foxes. They don't want to piss around with us just like we don't want to piss around with them.
  • I've had bears and mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes and foxes and it's not a problem. These animals are not out to get you. They are not out actively trying to get your pets. They might go after some livestock but y9ou do what you can to contain your animals well and sleep well. Use common sense, don't sneak up on the wildlife, don't act afraid and you will probably never have a problem. Yes, a bear broke into our chicken pen and it was a rampage but we built it better the second time and it never happened again. Live and learn.
  • Get a trained attack dog and have that animal constantly on the prowl! In fact get two of them and while one is sleeping the other can be on guard duty!
  • Put up an electric fence.
  • I'd probably contact government authority or some trusty environmental non-profit to determine what my rights and best practices would be.
  • I'd tie the pork chops around their necks with string instead of the coat-hangar wire I usually use - to give them a sporting chance, don't you know... Then I'd give them marshmallows and graham crackers and suggest they go camping in the woods.

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