• It would be hard to tame a wild rabbit, but I think that putting them out some food in the winter is a very kind idea and I'm sure they will appreciate it :-)
  • They are very skittish. YOu could set out some veggies. We leave things under one tree and sometimes the rabbits get it but most of the time other things get them first. What works best is to get some good quality hay and place that outside where it won't get wet, though dry snow is okay. Then the rabbits will come and eat it and other critters aren't as apt to get it like they eat veggies and pellets. ALso they come out at night or early morning which isn't a very good time to try to tame or get acquainted with rabbits:-)
  • Even "tame" rabbits are not truly domesticated. They tolerate human contact, but are never really affectionate the way dogs and cats (and a few other animals) are. If you let a "tame" pet rabbit loose in the wild, it won't come when you call it, and it won't ever return voluntarily. You can feed them, but shy of caging them and forcing them to get used to human contact, they'll remain shy and wild, really.

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