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  • You may be having an allergic reaction to something (change of kind of underwear material, change in soap or other grooming products, etc) or a general skin condition that crops up from time to time. Does it recur when you are feeling stressed? If so, it may be like hives.
  • Sounds like a generic skin problem to me, but keep in mind, other things can lead to STD's. Are you saying that you've never had any kind of sexual contact, or are you taking the "Bill Clinton" route? My best guess is dry skin, use normal skin lotion regularly. If you're not having dry skin problems, do the lotion anyway. I know that I had something similar on my nose, even though I actually have problems with oily skin. The skin would crack and peel even though it wasn't dry. normal skin lotion fixed it up. Just be careful of the lotion that you use, as the skin in that particular region is very sensitive to a lot of chemicals. Use something alo based, or cocoa butter.
  • It could be caused by several things: your soap, the weather, your underwear. It could also be chaffing from masturbation. Try applying some quality lotion like Lubriderm or Vaseline Intensive Care.

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