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  • You are physically old enough but hopefully you can wait until your emotions are also ready. Nobody at that age wants to hear they aren't ready for anything but unless you plan to stop getting smarter and wiser you will be a lot better prepared later. Good luck!
  • i think you are old enough to have sex when you truly trust your potential sex partner, you know to use protection, you know what affects can come from sex, you have a plan in case something does happen and you would get pregnant, and your partner wouldn't pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable. I just turned 15 and I'm sexually active.
  • Yes definatley. I want to wait until I'm married
  • Yep... See the answer at and the linked answer there.
  • Not only do I think so, I KNOW so! Why do you want to run the risk of wrecking your life with the BURDEN of at least one child if not more - AND/OR the risk of getting at least one STD? What's your hurry? Stay in school and get your TOTAL education! Keep your clothes on. Keep your legs closed and just say "No"! EDIT: It's 7:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time on October 6, 2008. As of this time there are 6 answers - ALL against what you are asking about. BUT in your "infinite wisdom" AND instinct, you're going to do whatever the devil you decide to do any way, aren't you? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for asking your Q! I KNOW I wasn't use any tact, BUT I KNOW did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • HELLO!!!!!! Yeah.....I was married at 16 the first time because I was stupid and thought lust was love. I regret it.....I thought life at home was so so rough...little did I know I was married to a man 11 years older who was a drunk and beat me. I am glad I have 3 children that were a result of that marriage....but I missed alot in life because of being anxious to play house and thinking that sex was love and how happy I was going to be! NOT!!!! I wish I knew then what I know now. Sex is not everything....but then in a marriage with the right person it is very sacred. You will regret your decision to casually have sex when you get older.
  • Yes, but I think that no one should have casual sex.
  • yes it is
  • Yea I don't think anyone would think thats ok.
  • Yes of course it is. Thats too young for any kind of sexual activity.
  • let me think... uhhh... YEAH? Way too young
  • Yes. And so is 45, 65 or 105! There are STD's out there that will KILL you!
  • Yes, you should wait until you are married. Find someone that really loves you and wait until you are married.
  • yes! Wait till you are married.
  • If you are 14 or 15,in a solid commited relationship, completed your education and can generate enough income to support a child with no pubic assistance then I would say by all means go ahead and have sex. Otherwise you need to wait until you can deal with the consequences of your actions.
  • ===================i was to young to have sex the first time and she was too i was 11yo and she was 3 years younger than me
  • Yes you are old enough - but with a LOT of qualifiers. I had sex - I'm a guy - for the first time when I was 16. Usually first time sex for both is not that great, but I got lucky. We were in circumstances that we could be sure that we were not going to be interrupted and because my dad was a doctor, I had learned sort of by osmosis what to do. (Most guys are too inexperienced to know that they have to slow down, etc.) So physically it was a good experience. My gf and I had been dating a while - since our sophomore year - and the feeling of intimacy we got from the experience taught us both about each other and how to care for each other. It made me feel more confident. Those were the good things. It also taught me the importance of using protection and thinking ahead. Because we had sex spur of the moment, we had no protection, and after a day or so, we spent the next few weeks worrying if I got her pregnant - luckily, I didn't - but for a time, I suddenly realized that I was not prepared. In the short term, that also put a strain on our relationship. (Not too many girls enjoy being asked every day by their boyfriends if they have had their period yet.) So we learned to be careful and not let our hormones run our heads. We didn't have sex unless I had a condom. It is also worth noting that we broke up in our sophomore year in college. There were all sorts of reasons for that. However, it was a sad reminder. I mentioned that we grew closer. I have no doubt that having sex with my gf helped me to be a better bf. The feeling of closeness and intimacy made me more sensitive to her. I thought I was in love - and in a way, I was. The problem, of course, is how many 16 year olds know what it is like to be in love? You grow up and you change and you learn. Frankly, my memories of that girl will always be good ones, but I now look back and see how different we were and why it was not going to work. Having sex with my gf blinded me to some of that. So it is mixed. I would never say you are too young, but you better know you - and your s/o - before you start having sex. There are all the issues of pregnancy and STD's and your emotions - and it is not likely that you could handle them, (At the moment when I was JUST SURE that I had gotten my gf pregnant, I started to plan in my head for the baby - which I knew I wanted and which she said she wanted too. You know what? I suddenly realized that my plans for the future - college and the like - were on indefinite hold. I wanted the baby I thought I had made, but suddenly the mountain looked huge.) So be very careful. As I say, I would not tell you no, but you had better have thought long and hard about yourself and the person you are with before you start something that you may not know how to handle.

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