• I had an apartment where a drunk was living with his buddy this drunk kept parking in my spot so sometimes my girlfriend would have to either walk from the far side of the parking lot or the street late at night. I had specificaly requested that spot because it was three feet from my door. I went to the apartment where i was told this man was staying and knocked on the door. Suddenly all the lights turned off and the tv shut off. well i knocked three times and then gave a verbal warning that i would call the cops. well in the end the cops came, he again played the "im not here game" and got a ticket after the cop called my landlord and gound out that the guy didnt even live there and was a criminal that my landlord had told not to come back on the premises. well the next day my girlfriend and i pulled into out parking lot and this man was here waiting for me and yelling choice words at me. He began to run a me demanding to know who i thought i was. Even being a man of 6'1" 240lbs i decided that i didnt want my girlfriend to get involved in a fight and also i was scared to think what weapons this man would have, so we ran inside. He began tryin to open the door just as i was locking it. He then started banging on the windows and again screaming choice words. Later i heard my screen door open againand then shut. I quickly opened the door and there was a threatening letter. I again called the police to let them know this happened. i called my landlord and presented him with all my evidence that i had and he not only allowed my to break by lease but also found me another one of his places that was three times the size, upper, and let me get a new cat and only $75 dollars more a month. Now i am sorry if that story was boring but i told it to you to show you the perfect situation to handel any dangerous situation. Never get phisicaly in contact with your danger and always call the police first because landlords often try not to get involved with tenant personal problems. Then make sure that you recod everything. Anything at all that may prove the slightest bit of why you are in danger, record in a book or on the computer, the time date and description of the inncodents. Keep a record of them all in the same pace so that you have hard evidence to your eventaul claim to break your lease on grounds that your living condition are not safe. Through most landlord contracts they have to give their tenants a livible quarters not ony in the aspect of cleanliness and services but also taking care of any tenant or enviromental hazard either it be through eviction or police notice. That's another reason that it is good to get police involved neacuase there is a recorded incodent and a lot of times (depending on where you live) the landlord has to subbmit police visits to his/her property to the state and then if they do nothing about it they look really bad so 99% of the time the landlord will handle the problem. Dont be afraid to demand things, this is your life and saftey and is your landlod is not willing to respect or care about that to let you break your lease than not only is he/she a bad landlord and person but you could also take all your recorded evidence to court and possible have the landlords liecense revoked.
  • Depends on what kind of problems you are having and how much you have involved your landlord. If they have had a chance to rectify the situation, then they may let you out of the lease or make the neighbors leave, assuming they are truly a valid problem. But technically, you are bound to what you signed. If your landlord wants to be an ass, not help and bind you to the contract with no way out, then you are probably screwed. Read the contract with a fine tooth comb. Is there any loop hole at all?
  • Yes anyone can break their lease. You need to give the realestate minimum of 21 days notice of intent to do so and provide them with access to conduct open houses for the last week or so while they fnd a new tenant.
  • Yes and no, you have the right to quiet enjoyment. It all depends on what "everyday problems" means... people have the right to be a-holes if they want to be, but when it means no sleep or threats of physical violence then yes you can break the lease with proper written documentation to the landlord.

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