• I think three were assassinated though I am not too sure. Don't know how many attempts :)
  • Four assassinations: Lincoln, Garfield. McKinley and Kennedy. Attempts were made on Andrew Jackson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. It's dangerous to be President.
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      There's also the occasional shoe attack.
  • Four: Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy.
  • Four according to the "US Presidents: Lists and Records" website ( Assassinated presidents: * Abraham Lincoln - assassinated by John Wilkes Booth * James Garfield - assassinated by Charles J. Guiteau * William McKinley - assassinated by Leon F. Czolgosz * John Kennedy - assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald Presidents who suffered attempted assassinations: * Andrew Jackson - would-be assassin: Richard Lawrence (both derringers misfired) * Harry Truman - Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola attempted to storm Blair House, residence of Truman * Gerald Ford - would be assassins: Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme and Sara Jane Moore, in two separate incidences * Ronald Reagan - shot and wounded by John W. Hinkley, J Presidents killed by the incompetence of their doctors: * George Washington - bled to death by his doctors as treatment for "inflammatory quinsy" * James Garfield - whose doctors contaminated his bullet wound so that he died of infection. Presidents who died in office of natural causes: * William Henry Harrison - died of "bilious pleurisy" * Zachary Taylor - died of cholera morbus * Warren Harding - died of pneumonia or stroke * Franklin Roosevelt - died of cerebral hemorrhage
  • Four U.S. presidents have been killed in office: Abraham Lincoln in 1865; James A. Garfield in 1881; William McKinley in 1901; John F. Kennedy in 1963. Assassination attempts were made on the lives of four more presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933; Harry S Truman in 1950; Gerald R. Ford, two attempts, both in 1975: Ronald Reagan in 1981.
  • Lincoln Garfield Mckinley JFK
  • There have been four Presidents that have been shot in office. William Henry Harrison 1840 was first to die in office. (29 or 30 days in office depending on who is counting.) Abraham Lincoln elected first in 1860 20 years later James Garfield in 1880 was assassinated William McKinley was elected in 1900 and assassinated shortly thereafter Woodrow Wilson died after the election of 1920 Franklin Roosevelt died after the election of 1940 (he actually had another election in 1944 before his stroke in 1945.) John Kennedy was assassinated after the election of 1960 Ronald Reagan was elected first in 1980 and nearly died of a shot near his heart George Bush broke the "curse" by staying alive after election of 2000.
  • Assassinations that succeeded: 4 Lincoln (1865), Garfield (1882), McKinley (1901), Kennedy (1963) Assassination attempts Andrew Jackson (183?) Teddy Roosevelt (1912) Franklin Roosevelt (1933) Harry Truman (19??) Kennedy (1961) Nixon (197?), (197?) Ford (1975 twice) Carter (1970s) Reagan (1980s) Bush sr (80s / 90s) Clinton (90s) Bush jr (2000s)
  • Woodrow Wilson did die after the 1920 election (he died in '24) but he did not run in 1920 - Warren Harding ran and was elected in 1920. He died in 1923 in the midst of a scandal ridden term. I believe it was H.L Mencken who wrote that he died "because it was the best thing to do."
  • Lincoln, Garfield. McKinley and Kennedy
  • The original definition of assissinate was: to assail with murderous intent. Applying this definition, Ronald Reagan was in fact assissinated in 1981. As such, this was not an "attempted assissination" (he was shot), but rather an "unsuccessful assissination" (he survived).
  • "There have been multiple assassination attempts on presidents of the United States; there have been 20 attempts to kill sitting and former presidents as well as presidents-elect. Four attempts on sitting presidents have succeeded: Abraham Lincoln (the 16th president), James A. Garfield (the 20th president), William McKinley (the 25th president) and John F. Kennedy (the 35th president). Two other presidents were injured in attempted assassinations: then-former president Theodore Roosevelt and then-sitting president Ronald Reagan." "1 Assassinations 1.1 Abraham Lincoln 1.2 James A. Garfield 1.3 William McKinley 1.4 John F. Kennedy 2 Attempted assassinations 2.1 Andrew Jackson 2.2 Theodore Roosevelt 2.3 Franklin D. Roosevelt 2.4 Harry S. Truman 2.5 John F. Kennedy 2.6 Richard Nixon 2.6.1 First assassination attempt 2.6.2 Second assassination attempt 2.7 Gerald Ford 2.7.1 First assassination attempt 2.7.2 Second assassination attempt 2.8 Jimmy Carter 2.9 Ronald Reagan 2.10 George H. W. Bush 2.11 Bill Clinton 2.11.1 First assassination attempt 2.11.2 Second assassination attempt 2.12 George W. Bush 2.12.1 First assassination attempt 2.12.2 Second possible assassination attempt 2.12.3 Second verified assassination attempt 2.12.4 Third possible assassination attempt 3 Presidential deaths rumored to be assassinations 3.1 Zachary Taylor 3.2 Warren G. Harding" Source and further information:
  • Abraham Lincoln was assassinated first. James A Garfield was next to be assassinated. William McKinley was third. John F. Kennedy was fourth.
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