• Nintendo DS, they LOVE them! :)
  • Neither, get them a real toy, something that stimulates the brain - a simple picture book or jigsaw puzzle perhaps?
  • A DS can play both DS games and Advance games. An Advance cannot play DS games. It can play Advance games, and older Gameboy games. I would only recommend getting an Advance if you have a bunch of old games. If you are starting buying games now, get a DS. If you want a happy cute non-violent game for kids, try MySims. One of the most popular games out there for the DS now is Zelda, Phantom Hourglass.
  • Five is a bit young to be playing video games a lot like that. Maybe something else would be a better idea. I would suggest trucks or dinosaurs or maybe coloring books or paints for them instead. If you really want to get them a technical type of toy, even robots are great things for children that age.
  • i agree with Voodoo, an activity that requires more than two thumbs and a couch. Think of all the things he's ready to explore.
  • Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if I had a 5 year old they certainly wouldn't be getting a video game (unless it's something like LeapFrog/educational kind). I may go off on a little tangent here and I'm certainly not judging anyone and I know today's generation of young children is different than when I grew up (and I'm only 23!) but some parents are going overboard with toys/electronics like this. One of my co worker's daughter's classmates has a cell phone - and she's 8 years old!! Now I know it depends on the reason they have a cell phone (maybe it's only for emergencies and safety for something like if they get lost/in trouble on their way home from school) but any other reason for that is unnecessary. Even the problems in school now with teens and cell phones and using them in class, WTF do you need to use a cell phone for in class?? Way too spoiled. Well I could on and on and on about this, how parents spend way too much on their kids, hand them over everything, and kids not knowing the value of a dollar, but I'll stop because it's not exactly what the question was about. Thanks for reading :)
  • Hmm... While some would think that 5 is too young to own a handheld system/play video games, I think it personally depends on the child. Not only do you need to think about the content the child will play on the system, but you also need to think about the wear and tear the child will bring to the system. The good thing is that you've chosen two of the most sturdy handhelds out there. (Whatever you do, don't get them a PSP unless they are very, very, responsible 5 year olds (and those don't exist.)) It's of my opinion that flip-top systems are better at protecting wear and tear on the screen, so the original Gameboy Advance is out, which leaves us with the GBA SP and the Nintendo DS. Now, you have to consider costs, and what the child will wish to play. The Nintendo DS's claim to fame are the two screens and the stylus. This allows games to be played on two different screens, sometimes controlled with the stylus much like a PDA would. Of course, this brings its difficulties. It possible that the child (or anyone, for that matter.) could use the stylus too harshly, causing scratches on the screen. Again, you will have to be the person to decide this. Also, DS games, as they are the current gen of handheld games, cost much more than GBA games. (In fact, I believe that we'll start to see the last of the new GBA games in about a year or so.) On one hand, DS will play GBA games (and Gameboy/Color games, for that matter.), so there's a plus, but it would probably be unfulfilling to buy a DS without any DS games. Another thing is that DS cartridges are quite small. (Though I remember losing one of my GBA cartridges as well, so it's all pretty small.) If you do get either of the systems, I would suggest including a case with ample room for games. Not only would the child get some entertainment, but you could teach keeping things in order on the side. Hope this helps you with your decision.
  • gameboy advance its cheaper and stronger
  • My kids got the WII at my parents house. They love it! I keeps them off their butts and moving!
  • DS all the way, my son whos nearly six has one and my daughter got one for her 4th birthday a couple of months ago, what a load of plonkers on here "OH <<BUY THEM A SIMPLE PICTURE BOOK< TWO FINGERS AND A COUCH>>>ETC.ETC.ETC.ETC<<<<YADDA YADDA WHATEVER" Some of the games on the ds are really educational and if you read the right reviews (easily found on the net), and limit their gametime you will have no problems, To all you preaching F***S (who probably dont have kids lol) , sometimes its nice for the kids to chill with their video games or surfing the net, they dont have to be running around like blue arse flies or having education shoved down their necks 24/7 or getting dragged into the great outdoors EVERY weekend to shit in the woods and freeze half to death. By the way heres a list of games you may find suitable for your five year old, peace out Animal Genius (Learns kids about different animals, their habitats,etc etc, nice easy gameplay) nintendogs (errr you choose a dog,feed a dog,wash the dog,walk the dog and enter your dog in various competitions) Spyro (nice simple platform game) I did it mum (they can paint,play instruments,do puzzles etc) cartoon network racing( thats asuming your child is allowed to watch tv , not like half the goons on here "OH<NO ! I WONT LET THEM TOUCH A VIDEO GAME BUT I LET THEM WATCH TV FOR 6 HOUR STINTS!!!!!"LOL The interactive storybook series or the build a bear workshop also look pretty good but the kids havent really played them yet but im sure they will "stimulate their brain" ;-)
  • Nintendo DS lite has many games a 5 year old can play. Super Mario Bros. and Cooking Mama are both great. We limit the play to an hour a day but if they become surgeons, statistically, playing video games helps dexterity....who knew?

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