• Cats love very strong, pungent smells and tastes...ever smell your cat's food? If you have ever eaten an ant yourself, you would find that they have a very sour, salty taste to them. Cats like these types of tastes and it is probable that your cat has discovered this. I do not know if this is healthy, but if there are no health risks...I say let kitty go nuts, less money spent on an exterminator.
  • As far as I know, there is nothing unhealthy about eating ants. They are a delicasy in some parts of the world. And animals are generally pretty good about not eating things that will kill them. Evolution and all.
  • cats are just entertained by anything that moves and is alive... its natrual instinct to kill it or eat it..
  • Check your cat's nose. If it seems unusually long, it's probably an aardvark, not a cat.
  • They love to have things to pounce on & you never know ants may taste good my cat loves it when it rains and worms come out she brings them in the house through the cat door and watches them wiggle she would be a great fishermans cat
  • Maybe they crave the high protein content. My cat loved to eat ants. I was worried about the fomic acid that ants produce and that they can bite back, too. But this never seemed to bother my cat and it looked like he was getting a catnip high out of the meal.
  • Your cat turned into predator! Keep your eyes open when you sleep just in case ;)
  • He's finished the mice and getting desperate
  • didnt know they did that, its kind of funny, at least you wont have to worry about having ants in your house

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