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  • Thats the main reason i smoke pot, i am completley stressed out with my life, and i need a little ME time... I am not considered a singer but i am pretty good at it lol... I am more of a Horseback Rider and Competetor....
  • STOP!!! Find a better way to destreess. It will hurt your vocal cords. It will hurt your lungs. It is a powerful drug called THC which is an hallucinogenic. The burning of anything causes carcinogens, even BBQ when eaten is putting carcinogens into your body. Smoking something will do it fast because you are putting it into your lungs which goes right into your bloodstream. if you sing this is the worst thing for you. There are better ways to deal with the stress and strain of everyday life. It only gets harder the older you get so best is to learn to start dealing with it now in a more constructive way. Yoga, exercise, a hobby, jogging, vacations, please anything except pot!!!
  • Two words: pot, brownies. :P
  • It will not take a toll on your lungs or singing voice as much if you smoke it out of a vaporizer. I too enjoy burning it after a stressful day at work. I also am an avid singer. =D
  • Well, many singers smoke it. It's not good for your throat, lungs or voice, but it can be done. I mean, there are maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany very successful singers that toke, so it isn't a horrible affect or anything. but if it really concerns you, you could always just make weed food. stronger affect anyway.
  • Your using it as a reward is not good and can only lead to increased abuse.

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