• I love them!
  • I like sweet potatoes. Baked with lots of butter, candied with cinnamon and brown sugar, sliced and fried (in butter..of course), and last but not least..sweet potato pie. :-)
  • I don't know...I love them! Probably the second best part of the holiday.
  • I hate Yams....I only like Sweet Potato french fries other than that i hate sweet potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes and Yams are okay. Im not a big fan of either one but I do put a little of each on my plate.
  • I really like sweet potatoes but I am not too crazy about yams.
  • I don't like... :(
  • Weren't sweet potatoes and yams indigenous to the US and offered by the Native Americans at the feasts? or is that an old wives tale. It seems that they were part of the Columbian Exchange as indigenous plants though.
  • I like both. I really can't tell the difference. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them.
  • You're kidding? I missed you last question, but I love sweet potatoes and yams. Ovenbaked to a crisp with salted butter on top! Yummy! And you see, problem is , living in Rome, I can hardly ever find them in the supermarkets, only occasionally. They are a rarity here. But when I do, I always buy some.
  • I don't really like them. I usually put a little on my plate to be polite, and eat the marshmallows and the crunchy sugary parts, and leave the rest alone.
  • Yuk to both!
  • Love 'em! Down in the mountains of Kentucky they grow 'white' sweet potatoes. I've never seen them in stores, probably because if they get pierced or cut they will turn an unappetizing black color inside. It doesn't affect the flavor, but they don't look pretty. They are a lot sweeter than than the orange ones, though, and I look forward to them every Autumn. You don't need to add any additional sugar or flavoring to them. Just baked with butter and they have a great flavor. But, baked or candied, Thanksgiving is not the same without what us Americans incorrectly refer to as 'Yams', at least to ME. I tried to find a history of when they became a TG staple, but have been unable to do so. In fact, there even seems to be varying accounts of when they actually came to America. Some say Columbus brought them. Other articles state that they came from Europe, were exported to Africa, then came to America with the slave trade. Others say they clearly originated in South America, which seems more likely. Regardless, they weren't around during the first Thanksgiving in 1621, according to known accounts. I did find out sweet potatoes were found in North America long before the traditional white potato.
  • The only way I like sweet potatoes and yams are baked with a dollop of butter. I don't like the yams with marshmallows all over the top.
  • I despise them.
  • I love them. My mom makes them with brown sugar, pecans, and marshmallows on top. Delicious!
  • I love sweet potatoes or yams. I love them baked, mashed, in pie, candied, with pineapple, in casseroles, made into ravioli, mashed into bread. It's one of the tastiest things to me.
  • I love sweet potatoes (yams). In the U.S. they are the same things. We don't have true yams here. I don't know how they came to be a staple at Thanksgiving, but I am thankful they are. I eat them year around though, not just for Thanksgiving.
  • I love them!
  • I love them. And I think they became a staple because they are sweet and native plants that are ripe at this harvest time. The first T-day, the Pilgrims did not eat any kind of potato-- they believed the tubers were poisonous!
  • Love 'em both.
  • I tolerate them. I was brought up with potatoes and I find the sweetness offputting. I'll eat sweet potatoes, but they have not won my hert.
  • They are good. I never ate them until a few years ago.
  • sweet patatoes = no good. yams = okay [but i perfer carrots]

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