• Ask a friend who had a situation that was like that.Wish I could help but I only have hamsters!Hope he heals,dude.Fight the power doggy!
  • He might have "hip dysplasia"! Usually larger dogs 7yrs. or older have it! By the way. . .why is your question in "Vaginal Issues"?
  • My first two suggestions would be a soft tissue injury which will heal itself. It is best to try keep him calm and off of it as much as you can. Might be tough with a young lab. You can give asprin for it but I would be very careful as it can cause stomach bleeding - use only buffered asprin and watch for black stool which indicates internal bleeding.They sell a canine asprin. My other thought would be an ACL - torn knee. They are very slow if ever to heal without surgery or vet care. You may want to call some pet welfare groups to see if they can help with the expense. Some vets will also set up a payment plan. If no inprovement in the next few days I would ask that you get him into a vet. A pet should not be in pain. +5
  • You don't mention how long this has been going on for, but obviously, if it has been a week, you will need to figure out something, regardless of your finances. You CAN NOT allow an animal to be in pain or distress without being abusive yourself! You can check out: for some suggestions. And as mentioned Dumdum (who clearly is NOT even a little bit Dum) ASK FOR A PAYMENT PLAN... I currently live pay check to pay check (WC due to a work injury), but I have dogs and cats and I have a RESPONSIBILITY to care for their needs when they arise with all haste if required! I may have to put another bill off, or humble myself to ask for a payment plan with my Vet. My vet KNOWS I am good for it, as I have a history of following through with what ever I commit to doing! I may have to do without something I want or enjoy having, such as CABLE for some time to cover a vet bill, but it doesn't matter as long as my responsibilities are taken care of. This may heal fine with rest, but if the dog is in PAIN, you can't wait around on HAVE to have it looked at within a reasonable amount of time. NOTE: Evidently AB is malfunctioning and not ALLOWING this Question or answers to be posted in the correct areas...DOGS/MEDICAL/LEG won't even allow me to report that it is in the wrong category....The AB system is sure a challenge these days/months of late...I feel sorry for the crew who is surely trying to sort this crap out!

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