• Get plenty of sleep. Your body secretes the bulk of your human growth hormone during sleep. An hour of afternoon nap on your off days will go a long way. Increase your protein consumption and reduce your carbohydrate consumption. Take an aspirin to reduce the inflammation.
  • For the past year and a half, I have had the pleasure of working with 14 top US surgeons and medical professionals in developing a new product call HealFast; it can be found at This product as been clinically shown to reduce the healing and recovery time to less than half the time for a normal recovery. In one case an elderly man, 65 years of age, started taking the product the day he had full knee replacement surgery. Within three days the sutures were removed, he had no swelling redness or pain, and full range of motion. This product was just debuted at the Dallas Healthy Nutrition tradeshow in June of this year.

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