• Since when are "us girls" naive, dumb, obedient, easier to manipulate and um tighter? To at least make a point, older men and younger women are more biologically compatible. If a man say 10 years older ends up having a child with a female 10 years younger and the whole human population does it, it increases the chance of a longer life span. I read this on once. Rather interesting.
  • ha ha i have the same prob with guys lol im 16 but i have men as old as like late 30s starin an giving me the yes in the street i heard that men are attracted to younger women or women with young features coz its like this natural instinct that the womens gonna be more fertile and have healthier kids or something like that & apparently if you have a younger face it makes you look healthier and more innocent which could be why guys go for you more lol but sum guys do it purely coz younger girls are less likely to have sexual diseases :S but thats not all men and its also a bit gross
  • I think it's because if old guys hit on younger girls it will make them feel younger and not almost dead kind of like they are
  • I think that its because they tend to want what they know that they cant have. At least most of them anyways.
  • Not necessarily "us" young girls are "naive,dumber,obedient,easier to manipulate, and have tighter areas". Anyways older men are attracted to younger girls because they are harder to get, and it raises their macho status by men dating a younger girl since they may feel younger and attractive. These men could also find younger women attractive and fertile.
  • I think it is just because they are so sexy at that age.So umm you want to get married for the weekend.?
  • I am a self confessed dirty old man, we hit on younger woman, because you hopefuly wont realise what complete tossers we are and will be impressed with our tales/bullshit/ cliches more mature/discerning woman have heard it all before and give us a wide berth.Actualy I am a widower,single parent and broke, so don't have the time or the money any longer to trawl bars looking for young females, nor in fact the inclination, I used to work in the film industry (for real and not as an usher at a multiplex!) so imagine how 'lucky'I was with that line.:))
  • 12-30-2016 It's because young women are more likely to be friendly.
  • Hi! Yes being naive, dumb, obedient, easier to manipulate is part of it because men want to feel more in control and more knowledgeable and effective which is to them more "manly". But part also is a natural biological urge which is part of the natural reproductive strategy because we are more fertile when younger than older. Don't know about being tighter because I am more so now at 59 than when I was 18. And don't forget also that our perception is that youth is more attractive than age. Which is exactly why you are creeped out by older men hitting on you. So best to appreciate that men like us and want to be with us while we are young because once you get over 50 or even over 40 you will find there will be less appreciation and less attention for you - from all ages - so just accept it and appreciate it for what it is now even if you think it is an annoyance.

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