• That happens to me too, and there is nothing you can do to stop it, and apparently no explaination for it, either. What I always did with my headphones was to have the plug end in one pocket (usually attached to an iPod) and the ear part in the other pocket, thus keeping the wire hanging down in front of me. I still do that, actually, and I'm sure it would work for anyone who doesn't mind having a wire hanging on them all the time.
  • Maybe your pocket has a hole and the thin cables get tied in knots with your......... =P
  • I like using twisty flex ties to keep cords together.
  • It's the little elves who run around and make mischief. They are also responsible for lost car keys, the cell phone in the fridge, and the one missing sock from the dryer.
  • try my 1 simple strap. it is perfect at keeping the head phones untangled.

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