• Yes you should.No question, yes.
  • Your allegiance is to your child. Tell him.
  • No. Unless you saw 10 toes up and 10 toes down then you don't know for a fact that there is an affair going on. You also don't know what kind of arrangement that they have in their marriage. I say keep quiet or maybe throw a few hints, but chances are he already knows. If he does know and you confront him with it, he will defend her first and then you have more problems.
  • Blood is thicker than water. Tell your son, but try to be gentle about it. Don't take sides or demonize his wife, just give him the info and let him deal with it his own way. Also, you'd better be 100% sure that you're right and hopefully be able to provide some proof.
  • If you know FOR SURE that she is cheating, I think you should first confront her with this news. Give her the option of telling your son herself or you telling him. Either way he has got to know.
  • Yes, you should,Have your proof in hand when you do. You should not have to live a lie for your son. You have not have to live a lie for nobody. Brace your self for people will live the lie of least resistace.
  • Please for heavens sake, stay out of it no matter how much it may hurt. Never get between sheets, stay out of it for your sons sake and yours.
  • yes i would..thats your son...what would he do if he late found out that she was cheating and you also knew and didnt tell him? if you tell him and he dont believe you, find a way for her to be caught in the eyes of you son..good luck
  • Get your video camera or have a friend tape them & make copies & put one in your son car or mail it to him. Chances are without any proof she will lie out of it & your son will believe her over you because he's married to her & she gives him sex(or not) & they tend to believe the spouses because they want to. Good luck
  • I would...if I were 100% sure. Like see it with my own eyes.
  • Part of me says that you should threaten the horrible gal. But then again... its your choice, you should probably listen to what everyone else is saying and not me.
  • Depends. If you are okay with getting involved (which, let's face it, you are to a degree just by the knowledge you have), then talk to her and let her know you're aware of what's going on but be wary as she may try to convince you she's justified in her actions - ie, we've agreed to have an open relationship, he cheated first so he's agreed I can cheat as well, he's abusive and won't let me leave so this is how I ensure my happiness... (believe me, the excuses are out there!) Otherwise, tell him, let him know it's his issue to deal with and be prepared to inform him of how you know this information. The thing is if you don't tell him and he finds out you knew, it could ruin your relationship with your son. I don't envy the position you're in. Good luck.
  • Tell your daughter-in-law that if she doesn't tell your son, you will.
  • I agree. If you are absolutely certain this is true, you should tell him. My spouse cheated on me, and I was the last one to know. I not only felt betrayed by my spouse, but also by those who knew and did not tell me. I think most people would want to be told.

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