• 2001-2002: The NBA reduced the number of seconds for a team to advance the ball past half-court from 10 to 8. The "Illegal defense" rule was also eliminated, meaning NBA teams could run the zone defense (note that zone defense was and is allowed in all other forms of the game). About 8 / 10 Seconds Rule Differences at different Leagues: 8 (or 10) Second Violation Once a team gains control of the ball in the backcourt, it has either 8 or 10 seconds (as specified below) to proceed to the frontcourt (i.e. the ball gains frontcourt status). FIBA: 8 seconds. Count is not reset if ball is deflected out of bounds by defence or if possession is retained because of an alternating possession throw-in. NBA: 8 seconds. Count is reset if the defence kicks or punches the ball, is assessed a technical foul, or is issued a delay of game warning; or if play is stopped due to a player bleeding. For purposes of this rule, the ball gains front court status on a pass when it crosses the plane of the centre line. WNBA: 10 seconds; otherwise same as NBA. NBDL: 7 seconds; otherwise same as NBA. NCAA Men: 10 seconds. Count ends (without penalty) if the ball becomes dead (e.g., if the defensive team deflects the ball out of bounds). NCAA Women: No time limit (other than the shot clock).

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