• I dont think its mandatory to give a gift whether you are attending or not.
  • No, you don't. And to the previous poster... its really not acceptable to show up to a wedding and reception without a gift of some kind (these folks were kind enough to pay $50... $60... whatever, for you to enjoy food and wine and entertainment).
  • I think its a personal choice. A person doesn't invite you to their wedding because they want a gift from you. Its to share their special day with you. I personally wouldn't attend without a gift however if I was unable to attend I would at least send a card of congratulations :)
  • Gifts are never mandatory for anything. If they were, they would be a fee or a tax, not a gift. There are no exceptions. While there are many instances wherein it is traditional to give a gift, and there are many people who are classless enough to be angry if they do not receive a gift, that changes nothing. A gift is given of one's free will, based on what one has and would like to contribute. Not to say that giving gifts isn't a great thing, and something I enjoy doing very much. But it isn't required. Ever.
  • thats up to you
  • No it is not required. A congratulations card would be a polite thing to do but a gift is not necessary.
  • Etiquette says yes you should a congratulation card will sufgice.

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