• If the open wound is healed, it's safe. If there is an open sore that has not recovered with epithelial tissue, then infection is a risk. Use common sense.
  • Play it safe and don't swim until your piercing is fully healed. While salt water is generally safer than fresh water for piercings, there could still be things floating around in it that could irritate or infect the piercing. I think my piercer told me not to swim for about 6 or 8 weeks, but ask yours if you have any doubts.
  • i just got mine pierced yesterday. im going to the beach in 1 week i asked the tattoo artist and he said to put a clear waterproof bandage over your whole belly button.
  • Yes, it will. I have a navel piercing. You are not to swim for a full 2 months after your piercing is done. If you do, you risk serious infection and having to remove the belly ring.

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