• It is a massive continent, parts of which have great people and other parts have people who think they are all important!
  • The question is based on presumption. If you feel only money making is virtue then they are "great". Sorry, I do not find any thing else "great" in America. All greatness is degraded by the act of their Politicians.
  • America is a HUGE land, diverse in both culture and scenery. The government are messed up and believe they can rule the world without knowing anything about the world, that is the only thing wrong with it imo. The parts of the US I have been to have been amazingly attractive, Northern CA. the desert with large lakes (Whiskytown and Shasta), Red Wood forests and some pretty big mountains! SFC is an amazing city, its acceptance to "gay culture" is second to none in the world imo and the Crab sandwiches, ohhhhh the crab sandwiches! Worth every penny! Then, NYC, what an amazing place! Yes I was scared in The Bronx, but that takes nothing away from an amazing city! If your neck does not hurt after 2 days in NYC you have not seen the top of a single building! I proposed to my GF on top of the Empire State Building and we conceived are first son in the hotel on Madison Ave just afterwards!
  • Diversity and somewhat free.
  • it's not
  • The United States of America is the only country founded on ideas. Please read the Bill of Rights and the first 10 amendments of the US Constitution. No other country in the world is guided by ideas like this. It really is amazing.
  • The scenery is beautiful in many places. There are a lot of opportunities and cultural diversity keeps things interesting.
  • American is great because you are allowed to follow your dreams.If you work hard and make good decisions you can have a great life here in america.We are a nation that will help people who are starving we have sacrificed many a young man to defend those who could not defend themselves.There is no greater or more decent country in the world.Those who hate us do so out of jealousy.
  • Gary Palmer of the Alabama Policy Institute somewhat interesting. Selected passages: Being an American has nothing to do with race, religion or any other “blood” or “dirt” attributes that define citizenship in practically every other country in the world. In other words, we are not Americans by birth or boundary, but by a core of commonly held ideas such as those so eloquently expressed in our Declaration of Independence. Nations that derive their identity from a common race or ethnicity perpetuate themselves through birth of children. But a nation, such as America, that is founded on ideas perpetuates itself by passing on those ideas and principles to each new generation of its children and to each new group of immigrants. It appears we are no longer doing that for our children or for our immigrant population. [snip] The Bradley Project focuses on the entire population, including immigrants who are now estimated to represent one in eight of the U.S. population. According to their report, immigrants are not learning the essential lessons of America’s history or our guiding principles, which makes assimilation into our society even more difficult. Even more troubling, almost half of our children are growing up without the core knowledge needed to have a well-formed appreciation for America’s national identity. [snip] We are special among all the nations in the history of the world because of the ideals on which America was founded. These ideals, rooted in Christian faith and nourished by reason, along with our history, are the substance of what it means to be an American. These are the lessons that must be taught and reinforced to all our citizens – native-born and immigrant – if this nation is to endure. As the Bradley report states, “… being an American involves an ethos as well as ideas, a way of life as well as a commitment to common values. It is based on a history that stretches into the ancient past and that has tested us severely on this continent. It is embodied in distinctive attitudes to everything from how we worship to how we make our living.” It is imperative that we teach these ideals to every generation of Americans and those who come to America. More importantly, they must be taught patriotism … that sense of being part of something so special and so much larger than their own interests that they would sacrifice to protect and perpetuate it. As the Bradley report points out, we can only defend what we believe in. What we believe in is determined largely by what we are taught. As the Bradley report and other studies are indicating, we are not getting the job done.
  • Who said it was? I do like the scenery and all I am proud to be an american and all that
  • America is losing its greatness slowly. Mostly because for the last century everyone in America (I live there, im american) says "Oh, America is the greatest" over and over and forget why they think they are the greatest. Instead of creating new ideas for democracy, they just continue to say "Were the greatest" without backing it up, were forgetting the true America.
  • As many might have and maybe will say after me, America is no longer as great as she once was. However, though we are more of an atheistic nation than a Christian one, we are still the world's playground, hence the influx of illegals.
  • Bono says America is an idea, an inspiration for mankind, and thats good enough for me.
  • Is great. Anyone that made a bad comment about America, what country would you rather live? America is one of the few countries in which people risk their lives to enter and fight tooth and nail to stay. I live in a small town and own a buisness. A guy across the street moved here from Australia and started a paint store, now he collects Corvettes, ask him if America is great. Anybody can do it in America if your willing to work hard at it.
  • I would not say great anymore, but it is better than any other country on the face of the earth.
  • ...cuz I live here!
  • it was like the prototype for the current free world, and is still an example for forming contries under non-democratic government, and that makes it great for the world today. plus, we have chuck norris
  • Because it's the home of the Free and the Brave.
  • super power n richest country so.
  • Because there has never been a country so blessed and enriched with a generous and gracious people who turn around and squandered it all to bring an entire country down and heading for 3rd world ranking unless there is a miracle. Don't see it happening. China owns us. We didn't sell it to them, we gave it to them.
  • Because we're the good guys (most of the time)
  • Ephraim and Manasseh were sons of Jacob/Israel. When he was near death he blessed them and prophesied that descendants of one would build a great nation and the descendants of the other would be a company of nations. In all the Earth's history there is only one company of nations, and only one great nation that is considered to be related to it. That is what "God bless America" means, not that America is great because of anything our forefathers did. Here is the analysis of the biblical story:
  • The best thing about America is that it gave us so many great singers, such as Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and many more.
  • It depends on what you mean by 'great'. It is great in size, in population and in worldwide influence, but the standard of living varies from high to quite low. This is due to health services not being freely available to a considerable number of people. I also find that, when speaking to Americans, that their knowledge of the rest of the world isn't 'great' either. I suspect that the educations system is too skewed towards local knowledge, which isn't 'great'.

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