• Being chased. By Satan! Good thing when he's about to get me, I'm roused from sleep.
  • I have had all of the above. I recently had a dream that included all of those situations except being chased.
  • I have dreams about flying...Also, I have dreams about being lost...
  • Most of these. They are normal reactions to daily occurrences.
  • Being chased and unable to find something happens now and then. But when I fly, it's often as if I'm a balloon and LOSE CONTROL, and I try to grab on to stuff to stay close to earth like trees and powerlines... then i pull myself down strong and i float down just to be pulled back up like a helium filled balloon.... that's kinda weird... any explanations??
  • All of thm at one time or another. Flying or falling through Space always reaching for something or someone but never being able to touch them is the most common one for me. That sort of mixes them all up together along with a terrible feeling of loss and panic.
  • If you want to know what these dreams mean and what to do when you've dreamt of it.. Here's a short explanation: FALLING - can have a symbolic or even literal significance, often indicating a feeling that life is spiraling out of control on some level or reminding us of a real physical danger. Psychologically, falling dreams are not generally thought of as having major significance, but they can be used to get insight into basic things that are happening in our lives. FLYING - interpretation of flying dreams is fairly simple. Something is generally going RIGHT in our lives! Occasionally, we may be flying to avoid something, but the flying in and of itself is still an enjoyable dream activity, and the WAY we do it may tell us more about ourselves than the actual flying. BEING CHASED - varies on every individual, make note that pursuer will have unique significance in your life. it signifies some sort of anxiety, fear or entrapment in your daily life.. such as: stressful job, unhappy marriage etc. chasing dreams are literally "fight" or "flight". they won't occur if you have faced or dealt with whatever it is you fear during waking hours. BEING LOST - it sometimes mean you are really lost/unable to find something literally and in real life. best advice is to find out where in your waking life you are lost, and subsequently taking steps to conquer whatever it is that has you stuck. If you want to know more about it, check this out: :)
  • I sometimes have dreams (not recently, but it was more common a couple years ago) I would for some reason or another end up rolling down a steep hill(usually from being chased). Then at some point in the roll, both my feet will land on the ground, and I'll get a huge vertical lift way up into the clouds (almost instant), at which point I will lose all vertical lift, and begin falling towards the ground. I think I covered three of your points in one dream. Or at least two.
  • I've experienced all of those scenarios. I haven't a clue what it means. I suppose it is a way for my mind to work things out while I'm asleep.
  • Flying: I fly a 'personal helicopter' that is strapped to my back like a backpack. Sort of Inspector Gadget meets those Nasa Jetpacks. It is the most exhillerating feeling! I love it and dream it at least twice a month.. I fall at least once per night. Wake up with a start with that vertigo stomache up in the ceiling type feeling.. freaks the cat out! The only chase dreams I have had is where I am being chased and my legs are like cement posts and I feel like when I run.. I am towing pavarotti on a slab of cement..
  • All of them. I'll always remember the one time I was flying in my dream. It was so amazing and I will never forget that dream :]]
  • Always being lost and can't find my books,classroom,locker,homework......years and years of the same dream.
  • A constant theme throughout many of my dreams is being chased or pursued. They are never good dreams. I do have nice dreams but the being chsed dreams are a re-occurring theme at least once or twice a week For years now.
  • Well, I've had a lot of falling dreams in my early sleeping, I know this happens early because my muscles will spasm waking me up.
  • I've experienced falling and being chased.
  • I've had dreams of being chased, being lost, and unable to find something
  • Being Chased: I have this recurring dream of being chased down the street by aliens. I'm on foot and they're in a beat-up buick. Being lost: My mind is a confusing paradox of corridors and dead-ends. I'm often lost. Unable to find something: I can never find the friggin light switches, or when I do the don't work and I have to go find the fuse box. Lame. Falling: Nope, quite the opposite. Often there's no gravity. Flying: I can't fly, there's either no gravity or I can jump really, really far. I be frog man!
  • All of the above...
  • I had a reoccuring falling dream where I'm in an elevator, but it doesn't always just fall straight down. It kinda tilts and you just get this sick feeling of "oooh that's not right, it's not supposed to move that way..." then you fall but you have no idea which way you're falling. Now that I got out of a bad, controlling marriage I don't have that dream anymore. Thanks to Twisted Thoughts' explanation, it makes perfect sense to me now why I kept having that dream. And oddly enough, I've reconnected with a guy I fell in love with a looooong time ago (in junior high) and I'm having those flying dreams again. OH GOSH I love the flying dreams!!!
  • I had a dream a couple nights ago where I was flying in an airplane that subsequently fell out of the sky, and then I was being chased by men in black suits while being unable to find the keys to my car in order to escape.
  • I always have dreams of being chased..usually by handsome I have had a few dreams where I was awesome!
  • flying... I used to be a lucid dreamer but found it not so restful. I gave it up and don't know how to recognise I am dreaming any more much less control the dream once I do.
  • Falling and flying. Also, the one where I'm naked either at a party or walking down the street and everybody else is wearing their clothes

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