• It could mean that maybe you need to move on. Maybe, on the inside, you're not satisfied!
  • Is your bf satisfying you? Are you dealing with any unresolved issues with your bf, or maybe from your past that might explain these thoughts of cheating?
  • Very interesting! Perhaps you feel like you are cheating emotionally and this is excising your guilt? Perhaps you don't love this guy? Perhaps you are just restless? Perhaps you are horny? If you figure this out at all, please share. I am very curious.
  • i have the same problem so let me know if you find out any significant information
  • Dream interpretation is very difficult. Dreams are symbolic, not literal, and mental health professionals trained in the subject are the (only) persons who are capable of determining a dream's meaning. One example: the gender of a person in a dream can be the opposite of the real-life person represented in that dream. Freud felt that interpretation of dreams was of significant value in treatment of a patient.
  • i have the same thinh going on. as a psych student i have studied this, and it rings true to me that it's because of hidden secrets or feelings for someone else. maybe you have a new hot guy come into work one day, it is something we all do. something else it may be is that if you don't trust your guy enough to stay loyal to you, you may feel like he's not worth it. talk one on one with your guy and ask him some questions like would you ever cheat on me, ect. it may help, otherwise it is just normal for every human to want something they dont have.
  • Not necessarily. Perhaps on some level dreaming about being with somebody else is your way of protesting something about your bf or holding yourself away from him. Guess I have "cheated" lots over the years but I never dreamed about it!

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